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Light Machine Gun Damage Chart

NameDamageFire rateMagazine Size
PUBG: New State M249 Damage, Best Attachment, & Guide - zilliongamerM249450.075100
PUBG: New State DP-28 Damage, Best Attachment, & Guide - zilliongamerDP-28510.10947

Light Machine Gun Information

Light Machine Gun Features

More Bullet Great for Longrun: LMG is a weapon that has a lot of bullets which is a great advantage in long run.

Have higher fire rate and damage: Compare to AR this LMG gun has higher fire rate and deal slightly more damage.

Air Drop Only: M249 and DP-28 can only be obtained from air drop.

Light Machine Gun Guides

Use in Close to Mid-range: they aren't good at long-range use because they are less accurate so you can use it for short and medium-range which can kill enemies instantly due to fast fire rate and high damage.

Use full attachment: you can upgrade them with a larger clip or a different nozzle in order to use its full potential.


In conclusion, there are 2 Light Machine Gun in PUBG New State such as M249 and DP-28

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