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Find all Assault rifles in PUBG: New State featuring damage chart and general guides here.

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Assault Rifles Damage Chart

NameDamageFire rateRange
PUBG: New State AKM Damage, Best Attachment, & Guide - zilliongamerAKM496838
PUBG: New State M416 Damage, Best Attachment, & Guide - zilliongamerM416437735
PUBG: New State SCAR-L Damage, Best Attachment, & Guide - zilliongamerSCAR-L427435
PUBG: New State M16A4 Damage, Best Attachment, & Guide - zilliongamerM16A4437040
PUBG: New State MK47 Mutant Damage, Best Attachment, & Guide - zilliongamerMK47 Mutant496035
PUBG: New State Beryl Damage, Best Attachment, & Guide - zilliongamerBeryl478038
PUBG: New State AUG Damage, Best Attachment, & Guide - zilliongamerAUG447736
PUBG: New State Groza Damage, Best Attachment, & Guide - zilliongamerGroza498038

Assault Rifles Information

Assault Rifle Features

Great Body damage: Assault rifle deal 40 or higher damage to the body which require 4 or 5 shots to eliminate one enemy.

Fast Rate of fire: Assault rifle has very fast bullet projectile make the bullet highly precise, fast, and quick to hit the target.

Close to mid range: Assault rifle is highly accurate in close to mid range , the effective range is up to 50meters while spray.

Burst Function: Assault rifle like Beryl, M16A4, MK47 Mutant have the unique specialty of burst which allows you to shoot multiple bullets per shot.

  • Ammunition:
    • 5.56mm: M416, SCAR-L, M16A4, AUG.
    • 7.62mm: AKM, MK47, Beryl, Groza.

Air Drop Exclusive: AUG and Groza can only be found inside Air Drop since they have higher power than other ARs.

Assault Rifle Guides

Aim at Upper chest area: As you already know ARs deal great damage to the body by aiming at the upper chest area there is a chance you can get 1 headshot which eliminate the enemy even quicker.

Lead your aim: When you shoot at moving enemy, lead your aim just a little centimeters in front of an enemy to hit your target, how far you lead depend on your AR rate of fire.

5-10 bullets spray: Practice Shooting 5 to 10 bullets per spray improve your accuracy on an AR while being aware of your position when you try to eliminate an enemy.

Attachment Priority:Compensator and Ext. Quickdraw are the 2 attachments that you should prioritize on your ARs to get that extra ammo and recoil reduction.

Best Assault Rifle in PUBG: New State

PUBG New State Best Assault Rifles are powerful weapon with high versatility, fast fire rate, and good recoil control such as:

  1. M416
  2. Beryl
  3. AKM

⇒AUG and Groza are considered S Tier since they are air drop exclusive.


PUBG: New State M416 Damage, Best Attachment, & Guide - zilliongamer

One of the most used gun in PUBG Universe, M416 is also the best assault rifle in PUBG: New State, this weapon has great DPS and fast rate of fire combine with low recoil control making it one of the powerful AR to use.

If you are a beginner, M416 is the best assault rifle that you should start with, since it fit each and every playstyles.

Beryl M762

PUBG: New State Beryl Damage, Best Attachment, & Guide - zilliongamer

The second best Assault rifle in PUBG: New State is Beryl M762, this 7.62mm weapon has high DPS and very fast fire rate though the recoil is a little higher then M416 which make mid range spray a little harder.

The close range TTK of Beryl is very fast despite having high recoil, having decked out attachments will turned Beryl into a beast.


PUBG: New State AKM Damage, Best Attachment, & Guide - zilliongamer

The hard hitting weapon AKM is the third best AR in the game, this weapon has very high DPS and high headshot damage but it lacks in rate of fire and recoil department which make the mid range gunfight a little harder.

Don't underestimate the AKM, give it a try and see how it turned out for you. In close range the AKM has very fast TTK especially if you get 1 or 2 headshot.


In conclusion, there are 8 assault rifles in PUBG New State and M416, Beryl M762, and AKM are the top three assault rifle that you should use.

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