PUBG: New State Station (Team Deathmatch) Map

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Station (Team Deathmatch) Overview

PUBG: New State Map: Station (Team Deathmatch) - zillionngamer

Station is a small map in Team Deathmatch mode that takes place in an abandoned subway station. This map allows 8 players to participate that divide into two teams (4 vs 4). 

Station (Team Deathmatch) Rules

How to Win

The first team who reaches up to 40 kills or has more kills in 10 minutes is the winner. You can see the number of kills, assists, deaths, and K/D ratio of you and your teammates by tapping the score at the top of the screen.

Team Deathmatch has exclusive recovery items that can help you heal quicker and can get back into the battle.

Weapon Presets

In Station Team Deathmatch weapon you get is based on the Preset System. You can preset your weapon in Gun Preset by going to Map Selection > Station > Gun Preset (in image red circle).

PUBG: New State Weapon Preset - zilliongamer

Two guns can be selected along with their attachments and you can choose between Frag Grenades or Stun Grenades. There are 4 available slots for you to build your different Gun Preset.

End of Station (Team Deathmatch) Map

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