Every Weapon in Modern Warfare 2: All Accessible Guns

The released of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 weapons introduced a brand new Gunsmith slot call Receiver, a family tree of weapons platform, and hybrid attachments that can be shared with weapons that are in the same manufacturer.

MW2 Weapons

This unlock a whole new creativity for players that love to build their best weapon loadout in Modern Warfare 2 without losing the aesthetic look of the gun while only focus on performance and strength.

Here you can find a complete list of all Weapons sorted by Manufacturer & Type plus an in-depth guides to how weapon platform and receiver work.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Weapon list - Available Guns

There are 51 weapons in the release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. With that amount of weapons to pick and choose, it can be hard to find out what is the best gun in Modern Warfare 2 that you should use to help rack up higher K/D.

Complete Primary Weapons list in Modern Warfare 2

Primary weapon is your main gun that you use to exchange fire in combat, each guns has their own strength and range dominant.

Assault Rifles

  1. M4
  2. TAQ-56
  3. Kastov 762
  4. Lachmann-556
  5. STB 556
  6. M16
  7. Kastov-74U
  8. Kastov 545

Battle Rifles

  1. Lachmann-762
  2. SO-14
  3. TAQ-V
  4. FTAC Recon


  1. VEL 46
  2. MX9
  3. Lachmann SUB
  4. Vaznev-9K
  5. FSS Hurricane
  6. Minibak
  7. PDSW 528
  8. Fennec 45


  1. 556 Icarus
  2. RPK
  3. Rapp H
  4. HCR 56
  5. RAAL MG
  6. Sakin MG38

Sniper Rifles

  1. MCPR-300
  2. Signal 50
  3. LA-B 330
  4. SP-X 80

Marksman Rifles

  1. EBR-14
  2. SP-R208
  3. Lockwood MK2
  4. LM-S
  5. SA-B 50
  6. TAQ-M


  1. Lockwood 300
  2. Expedite 12
  3. Bryson 800
  4. Bryson 890

Complete Secondary Weapons list in Modern Warfare 2

Secondary weapon is your sidearm that you take out when your primary run out of ammo or when you don't have enough time to reload.


  • P890
  • .50 GS
  • X12
  • X13 Auto
  • Basilisk


  • RPG-7
  • Stela-P
  • PILA
  • JOKR


  • Riot Shield
  • Combat Knife

Weapons list sorted by Platform name in Modern Warfare 2

Find all weapons sorted by Weapon platform name here:

M4 Platform

  • M4
  • 556 Icarus
  • FTAC Recon
  • FSS Hurricane
  • M16


  • Lachmann-556
  • Lachmann-762
  • Lachmann Sub
  • LM-S
  • Rapp H

Tactique Verte Platform

  • TAQ-56
  • TAQ-M
  • TAQ-V

Kastovia Platform

  • Kastov 762
  • Kastov 545
  • Kastov-74U
  • Vaznev-9K
  • Minibak
  • RPK

Bruen Bullpup Platform

  • STB 556
  • HCR 56
  • MX9

Ordnance Platform

  • EBR-14
  • SO-14

Bryson 800 Series Platform

  • Bryson 800
  • Bryson 890

Byson Long Rifle Platform

  • SP-R 208
  • SA-B 50
  • LA-B 330
  • SP-X 80

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Weapons Receiver & Platform

With the introduction of Weapon platform and receiver in Modern Warfare 2 gunsmith make a lot of players confuse. Here is an explanation to help you understand how they work.

What is Weapon Platform in Modern Warfare 2 & How it work?

To simply put, Weapon platform is a family tree of guns that shared the same Manufacturer.

e.g. In Modern Warfare 2 weapon platform of M4, FTAC Recon, FSS Hurricane, 556 Icarus, and M16 are manufactured by Tempus Armament.

This make all weapons more organized and easy to track the progression, moreover you can also build a specific loadout than convert those loadout into other weapon platform with their Receiver.

What is Receiver in Modern Warfare 2 & How To Unlock?

Receiver allows you to convert your current use weapon loadout into other weapon type. Each receiver has its individual strength but they are only compatible with some attachments.

e.g. 556 Icarus, FTAC Recon, FSS Hurricane, and M16 are the receiver that required when you want to change to any one of those weapon platform.

Some receiver has a unique attachments that players can unlock when you reach a certain level and those attachment can also equip on other receiver in the same weapon platform.

How To Unlock Receiver for MW2 Weapons?

If you are new to Modern Warfare 2 Receiver are locked behind the first weapon platform. In order to unlock the receiver you must level up the first weapon of the platform to reach a certain level.

Here is a demonstration of how to unlock Receiver using M4 platform:

  • Your M4 must be level 12 to unlock FTAC Recon receiver.
  • Your FTAC Recon must be level 15 to unlock FSS Hurricane receiver.
  • Your FSS Hurricane must be level 17 to unlock 556 Icarus receiver.
  • Your 556 Icarus must be level 12 to unlock M16 receiver.

This helps smoothen the weapon progressing in Modern Warfare 2 a lot and at the same time allows you to experience wider range of guns if you want to unlock all receiver in the platform.

What is Universal Attachments in MW2?

In Modern Warfare 2 Universal attachments is a unique attachment that can be unlock from certain weapon receiver and it can be shared to all receivers from the same weapon platform.


In Conclusion, The new weapon system in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is not really as complicated as you think since you only need to understand what a receiver and weapon platform are. The pros outweigh the cons in this case and it unlock a countless new ways to build your loadout in tune with your playstyle.