Best M4 Class Setup in Modern Warfare 2: M4 Loadout

This article go through a complete M4 Class setup featuring M4 loadout, perks, and field upgrades for Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer.

M4 Stats Overview

Modern Warfare 2 M4

In Modern Warfare 2 M4 deal 28 damage with the fire rate of 811 rpm, the M4 is a 4 shots assault rifle with an average time to kill of 221ms up to 26 meters.

Recoil wise, the M4 recoil is very easy to control and the gun is very accurate to use for close and mid range combat which is a great weapon choice to use on all maps.

Stats Details:

Recommend M4 Loadout

Our recommendation on building attachments for multiplayer of Modern Warfare 2 M4 best loadout:

  • Muzzle: FTAC Castle Comp.
  • Barrel: Hightower 20" Barrel.
  • Underbarrel: FSS Sharkfin 90.
  • Stock: Tempus P80 Strike Stock.
  • Rear Grip: XTEN Grip.

Optional Tuning:

FTAC Castle Comp:

  • Recoil Stabilization: +0.57oz

Hightower 20" Barrel:

  • Recoil Steadiness: +0.29lb

FSS Sharkfin 90:

  • Recoil Stabilization: +0.28oz
  • Aiming Idle Stability: +0.28in

Tempus P80 Strike Stock:

  • Aim Down Sight Speed: -1.29oz
  • Aim Walking Speed: -1.01in

XTEN Grip:

  • Recoil Steadiness: +0.74oz
  • Sprint to Fire Speed: -0.23in

This is a great M4 build in Modern Warfare 2 for both aggressive players that like to go for high kill count, and objective players that prefer ranges kills.

We've improve the M4 ranges, mobility, and recoil control, make the M4 more accurate in ranges gunfight and perform greater in close range.

Recommend Perks for M4

Here is the best perk that you should equip when using M4 assault rifle:

6v6 Perks:

Double Time: Tac sprint longer, move around faster.

Bomb Squad: Reduce explosive damage.

Fast Hands: Reload quicker, swap weapon faster.

Quick Fix: Regen health after getting kills.

You can swap Bomb Squad with Overkill if you want to run two primary in your loadout.

Ground War Perks:

Overkill: Grants two primary.

Scavenger: Increase ammo when eliminated enemies.

Restock: Resupply your Lethal & Tactical.

Ghost: Stay off enemies minimap.

Swap Ghost with Survivor to sustained your survivability when losing long range gunfight.

Lethal & Tactical Utilize for M4

6v6 Maps:

Lethal: Semtex.

Tactical: Flash Grenade.

This is a great combo to use with M4, Flash is very overpowered in Modern Warfare 2 right now, you can play very aggressive with it.

Ground War Maps:

Lethal: Drill Charge.

Tactical: Stim.

Regenerating health in Ground War is very crucial, and drill charge is great for eliminating campers behind the covers.

Field Upgrade to use with M4

If you want to silent your footstep when running around with M4 you can use Dead Silence however if you want to play objective Trophy System is a great field upgrade as well.

For Ground Wars you can use Tactical Insertion to respawn where you wanted, or Portable Radar for more position awareness.

In conclusion, M4 is a great assault rifle in Modern Warfare 2, you can use the M4 for close or mid range gunfight thanks to it low recoil, with our loadout we make the M4 perform even greater.