Best Sniper Rifle in Modern Warfare 2 | All Snipers Ranked

The current meta of Modern Warfare 2 Snipers favors toward long range and high damage because other weapon class lacks in that department which is why Sniper will be the most reliable come Warzone 2.

Best Sniper Rifles Modern Warfare 2

The Sniper meta is interesting in Modern Warfare 2, we've seen a lot of players build their sniper class to support close range while forgetting that Sniper is meant for Long ranges combat.

The best Sniper Rifles in Modern Warfare 2 Season 1

  1. MCPR-300
  2. SIGNAL.50
  3. SP-X 80
  4. LA-B 330

In this article we go through all Snipers in Modern Warfare 2 and rank them from best to worst so that you can actually pick the best Sniper to match their performance.


The MCPR-300 is the best Sniper rifle in Modern Warfare 2 right now that you should utilize for long range target, We will see a lot of players rocking this sniper in Warzone 2 as well.

MCPR 300 | Modern Warfare 2

We rank the MCPR-300 as the best because it is a very accurate sniper with the fastest bullet velocity and it also has the best base optic reticle among other Snipers.

The stability and handling of the MCPR-300 is another factor that we've tested, the gun sway lesser than other Snipers which can help you hit long range target more precise.

The MCPR-300 also has the clearest and easiest to understand reticle, with good range indicator which again contribute to the long shot accuracy.

This Sniper perform very well in Ground Wars, Invasion, and long range maps. However, we are looking forward to see how this beast perform in Warzone 2.


The SIGNAL 50 might not be the most accurate sniper, but is for sure is the highest damage sniper in Modern Warfare 2.

Signal 50 | Modern Warfare 2

This Sniper use .50 Cal cartridge rounds, the possibility of getting a hit marker with this sniper is very low even if you hit your target on the body.

With the damage it can output, the Signal 50 is great for hitting mid range target and decent at long rage, that is because of the high aiming sway which can mess up your shots in longer ranges.

Overall the SIGNAL 50 is a reliable Sniper that you should primarily use to take out mid range target, the 1 shot accuracy outweigh the cons of having decent stability.

SP-X 80

Our top 3 spot is the SP-X 80 Sniper Rifle, a very versatile sniper with high mobility and good damage.

SP-X 80 | Modern Warfare 2

If you want a Sniper that you can move around well while still maintaining good accuracy the SP-X 80 is for you, it has fast ADS Speed and good damage for close range.

In close range the SP-X 80 can one shot the target and combine that with fast ADS speed, you now have a beast close range sniper to run around getting multiple kills.

However, we've noticed that the sniper performance started to drop damage wise in mid to long range combat, so you need to be very accurate with your shots if you want to get that long range kills.

Overall, the SP-X 80 is solid for close range snipes, it has great versatility in term of performance, it has good close range damage, fast ADS Speed, and overall mobility.

LA-B 330

The last Sniper on the list is the LA-B 330, this sniper feels like a weaker version of the SP-X 80.

LA-B 330 | Modern Warfare 2

Don't get us wrong, the LA-B 330 is still a powerful sniper rifle but it just easily get outclass by our top 3 snipers in any aspects of this weapon.

The LA-B 330 deal good damage in close range, it's also has fast ADS speed as well as overall mobility, but even in close range this sniper can be in accurate sometime.

It also has decent aiming sway which make mid to long range snipes hard to secure kill with just one shot.

Overall, the LA-B 300 is a decent sniper at best, in close range it can get outclass by the SP-X 80 and for mid to long range it is outclass by the MCPR 330 and SIGNAL 50.

That is it for our Sniper Rifles Ranking.

In Conclusion, If you want a high accuracy long range Sniper go for MCPR 300 and pick the SP-X 80 if you like running around the map with a Sniper, while the SIGNAL 50 is the perfect middle ground.