Best SMGs in Modern Warfare 2 | Submachine Gun Meta Ranked

We've come up with a definitive ranking of the best Submachine Gun in Modern Warfare 2 so you can go into season 1 with the best gun in the game.

Best Submachine Guns Modern Warfare 2

When ranking each Submachine Gun we focus on their main attributes such as damage, recoil, range, accuracy, fire rate, and of course how well it perform on the field.

If a gun checks all the boxes as we've intended, we will rank it as the best, while the rest ranked accordingly to their performance.

The best Submachine Guns in Modern Warfare 2 Season 1

  1. Lachmann Sub
  2. Vaznev-9K
  3. FSS Hurricane
  4. MX9
  5. Minibak
  6. Fennec 45
  7. Vel 46
  8. PDSW 528

Down below is our in-depth explanation on how we ranked each submachine gun and why it deserved to be in that spot of the tier list.

Lachmann Sub

Lachmann Sub is the best SMG in Modern Warfare 2 because it has a lot of mobility than other SMG it deal high damage in close and mid range.

Lachmann Sub | Modern Warfare 2

Lachmann Sub can kills enemy very fast in close range from 1 to 8 meters it take 3 shots to kill one enemy for medium range from 9 to 16 meters it take 4 shots to down one enemy.

The thing that make this gun very OP in Season 1 is because it has fast mobility, low recoil, fast fire rate, and great ADS speed that help you to get a better shots on your enemy before they firing.

Overall, if you a player who like to play aggressive Lachmann Sub fit perfectly for your playstyle you can go around run and gun and the recoil is very easy to control, it also a good gun for new player to start with.


Vaznev-9k is one of the best SMG in Modern Warfare 2 in this Season 1 it a solid AR/SMG that can pack a punch.

Vaznev-9K | Modern Warfare 2

The Vaznev-9K is best AR/SMG that can deal high damange in medium range it take 4 shots to the upper chest area from 11-18 meters.

The recoil also very good it better than Lachmann Sub but it a bit heavy than lachmann you lose lot of mobility compare to Lachmann Sub.

Vaznev-9K can obliterate enemy very fast in close range it can take down multiple enemy before reload if you connect it with the upper chest and it has a clean iron sight so that you don't need any optic.

The low recoil, fast ADS speed and fast fire rate that make this gun is one of the best SMG when you missed your shots you can adjust it easier.

Overall, Vaznev-9K is fit more for aggressive player that like close range or medium range gunfight it decent for long range too that why it in second spot.

FSS Hurricane

FSS Hurricane an SMG in M4 platform it the third best SMG in Modern Warfare 2 Season 1. FSS Hurricane is very popular in Modern Warfare 2 and it can easily outclass Lachmann Sub.

FSS Hurricane | Modern Warfare 2

This SMG is decent in long range it allow you to get 5 shots kill on the upper chest up to 24 meters it can outclass Lachmann Sub with 50 rounds magazine, damage, accuracy, and better range the Lachmann Sub take spot one because of it mobility, ADS speed, and recoil control.

The FSS Hurricane is good in close range it can mowing down enemies very fast you can kill enemy with 3 shots from 1 to 7 meters. FSS Hurricane capable of holding angles or objective based playstyle.


MX9 SMG it pretty much the AUG in SMG form MX9 is in Bruen Bullpup platform the is the best close range SMG.

MX9 | Modern Warfare 2

The MX9 also known as AUG SMG is powerful in close range gunfight because it has high damage, fast bullet velocity, and fast fire rate it can 3 shots enemy up to 13 meters and for medium range you can 4 shots your enemy from 14 to 18 meters.

The thing that make this SMG in the spot 4 is because the iron sight on this gun is very bad which require you to leave one attachment slot for the optic to improve your visual and it have only 25 rounds in magazine.

Overall, MX9 is a very good submachine gun player who like to close range and medium range only for long range not so much.


The Minibak has high potential in the future it can get outclass FSS Hurricane.

Minibak | Modern Warfare 2

Even though it doesn't have as high damage or fast fire rate like FSS Hurricane Minibak can still pack a punch and the recoil on this thing is ways better than FSS Hurricane.

Minibak is so good even with no attachments it has best recoil control, high mobility, and great ADS speed but it lack of damage at long range you don't need optic to improve your visual the iron sight on this gun is already good.

Overall, this SMG can 4 shots target from 1 to 11 meters and no recoil you can just focus more on aiming your target.

Fennec 45

The Fennec 45 is the fast killing gun in Modern Warfare 2 it can kill enemy very fast because of it fast fire rate.

Fennec 45 | Modern Warfare 2

Fennec 45 has the most fast fire rate than other submachine gun this SMG is very good for close range only for the medium range and long range not that much.

It take 4 shots to down one enemy up to 14 meters in close range since it has very fast fire rate it can melt down enemy very fast in close range.

Up to 15 meters the recoil will start to bounce left to right with make it hard to finish off your enemy.

Fennec 45 deal decent damage but because of the fast fire rate it can down enemy very fast at close range that is why it deserved in sixth spot.

Overall, Fennec 45 is very good for close range ADS speed is also good for medium and long range is not great for this gun. This submachine gun fit perfectly for player that like to play aggressive and like close range gunfight.

Vel 46

Vel 46 is known as MP7 from Modern Warfare 2019. it can easily get outclass Fennec 45.

Vel 46 | Modern Warfare 2

Vel 46 is bad without attachment low damage compare to other submachine gun it good for close range sadly it's not quite good as MP7 in Modern Warfare 2019.

It can easily outclass Minibak but you need to level up the gun to maximum level first and build the right attachment.

We don't think that this gun is a bad SMG but without attachment it the worst gun in Modern Warfare 2 with attachment this gun at least rank in number 4.

Overall, it a good submachine gun for close and medium range you can 4 shots enemy on upper chest up to 20 meters.

PDSW 528

The classic Call of Duty weapon PDSW 528 Known as P90 a submachine gun for close and medium range weapon.

PDSW 528 | Modern Warfare 2

PDSW 528 deal decent damage, fast fire rate, decent mobility, and low recoil.

PDSW 528 is very good for close and medium range can 4 shots target up to 10 meters recoil control is very good compare to Fennec 45 the good thing is that you can kill multiple enemy without reload your mag.

What make PDSW 528 in bottom is that it has slow mobility, and iron sight is very bad on this thing you need attachment optic to see better with this gun which can bring down you ADS speed.

For medium range it can 5 shots enemy up to 25 meters.

Overall, the PDSW 528 is decent it deal good damage at close range with low recoil and it fit for sentinel objectives defensive.

That's it for our definitive ranking of the best Submachine Guns in Modern Warfare 2.

We hope we give you enough information related to submachine gun so you can prepare for the upcoming Season 1 as well as Warzone 2 and DMZ release.