Best LMGs in Modern Warfare 2 | Light Machine Gun Meta Ranked

We've come up with a definitive ranking of the best Light Machine Gun in Modern Warfare 2 so you can go into season 1 with the best gun in the game.

Best Light Machine Guns Modern Warfare 2

When ranking each Light Machine Gun we focus on their main attributes such as damage, recoil control, range, accuracy, fire rate, bullet velocity, and of course how well it perform on the field.

If a gun checks all the boxes as we've intended, we will rank it as the best, while the rest ranked accordingly to their performance.

The best Light Machine Guns in Modern Warfare 2 Season 1

  1. RPK
  2. RAAL MG
  3. SAKIN MG38
  4. HCR 56
  5. 556 ICARUS
  6. RAPP H

Down below is our in-depth explanation on how we ranked each light machine gun and why it deserved to be in that spot of the tier list.


RPK is the best LMG in Modern Warfare 2 right now it in Kastovia platform RPK is the second LMG that can deal high damage among the LMG it gonna be very good in Warzone 2.

RPK | Modern Warfare 2

The damage that this thing can deal is amazing the fire rate is also very good and low recoil for accurate player who can land most of the shots will make the RPK a beast.

RPK is lighter than RAAL MG and the reload time with in 4.97 / 5.7 seconds for the mobility and ADS speed is decent for a LMG. Landing every shot on this gun going to be important with it fast fire rate.

Overall, RPK is the dominant LMG that you can use for all range it take 3 shots to down an enemy up to 58 meters which is very good for long range weapon.


The RAAL MG is the second best LMG that it best for every range this LMG is the most powerful LMG compare to other LMG.

RAAL MG | Modern Warfare 2

RAAL MG is a heavy hitting beast it can 3 shots enemy up to 80 meters RAAL MG is the slowest LMG in terms of reloading speed, ADS speed, mobility, and fire rate since it the most heavy hitting LMG it make up for the it slow fire rate.

The RAAL MG is second best LMG that you need to watch out for but you need to getting use to the slow fire rate of this LMG. Every thing about this gun is a bit slow compare to RPK.

It has 75 rounds has the potential to get multiple kill without reloading the mag.

Overall, it can deal very high damage but it a bit slow on most of the thing you need to get use to it maybe RAAL MG will be the good option to go to in Warzone 2.


SAKIN MG38 is pretty good LMG to choice it perform very well in long range it deal high damage, and also has fast fire rate the ADS speed is very good compare to RAAL MG.

SAKIN MG38 | Modern Warfare 2

The SAKIN MG38 is the best long range LMG but it still decent in close range the recoil control on this LMG is very good you can simply laser your target in long range but you should watch out for when reloading the gun because it take 7.83 / 9.03 second to finish it.

This LMG will be popular in Warzone 2 for the SAKIN MG38 it feels a bit heavy than RAAL MG so you may have to get use to it.

Overall, SAKIN MG38 is a long range LMG that can 3 shots enemy up to 60 meters long with low recoil control it fit well for player who like long range weapon.

HCR 56

The HCR 56 also known as AUG LMG it the same as 556 LCARUS in the same but it got a slightly performance boost.

HCR 56 | Modern Warfare 2

HCR is in Bruen Bullpup platform this LMG is is good for close and medium range it can 3 shots your target up to 25 meters with its fast fire rate and fast reloading it deserve to in the top 4.

This gun has decent mobility the worst thing about this LMG is that it not good in long range it take 5 shots to down an enemy in 49 meters.

The damage is not that bad it's by no mean that this gun is bad it just like the 556 LCARUS but it got a slightly performance boost in 40 to 50 meters range.

Overall, the gun mobility feels slow but for the ADS speed and reloading speed is very good it can get outclass by other LMGs that why we put it in the top 4 for now.


The 556 ICARUS is a great LMG in Modern Warfare 2. It the same as HCR but it beats it out on hip-fire bullet spread, reloading time, and a better Time-to-Kill speed.

556 ICARUS | Modern Warfare 2

556 ICARUS have good accuracy and fast fire rate also easy to control it feels like heavy assault rifle all of the make it a better overall pick the iron sight is great so you don't need attachment optic to improve your visual.

Both 556 LCARUS and the HCR are slow when reloading but for 556 LCARUS it has high mobility and fire rate than HCR the recoil is not that bad compare to other LMG without attachment 556 LCARUS is not that good that why we put it in rank 5.

Overall, it not the best LMG but we're sure that with attachment this gun gonna be perform well like other LMG it take 4 shots to down enemy from 25 to 41 meters.


RAPP H is the worst LMG in Modern Warfare 2 but it have on benefit in long range. RAPP H is in Lachmann & Meer platform.

RAPP H | Modern Warfare 2

It has the same damage and fire rate like 556 ICARUS but with low mobility, recoil control, and low accuracy which is very bad for the LMG it also has low damage and ADS speed compare to other LMG with high fire rate but still has the lowest TTK (Time to Kill).

The RAPP H is good for long range it can 4 shot enemy up to 57 meters.

Overall, if you want to use this gun you need to find perfect attachments for that we don't think that the RAPP H is bad but it need the right attachment to help boost it performance.

That's it for our definitive ranking of the best Light Machine Guns in Modern Warfare 2.

We hope we give you enough information related to light machine gun so you can prepare for the upcoming Season 1 as well as Warzone 2 and DMZ release.