Best Assault Rifle in Modern Warfare 2 | ARs Meta Ranked

We've come up with a definitive ranking of the best Assault Rifle in Modern Warfare 2 so you can go into season 1 with the best gun in the game.

Best Assault Rifles Modern Warfare 2

When ranking each Assault Rifle we focus on their main attributes such as damage, recoil, range, accuracy, fire rate, and of course how well it perform on the field.

If a gun checks all the boxes as we've intended, we will rank it as the best, while the rest ranked accordingly to their performance.

The best Assault Rifles in Modern Warfare 2 Season 1

  1. KASTOV-74U
  2. KASTOV 762
  3. STB 556
  4. TAQ-56
  5. M4
  6. LACHMANN-556 
  7. KASTOV 545
  8. M16

Down below is our in-depth explanation on how we ranked each assault rifle and why it deserved to be in that spot of the tier list.


The KASTOV-74U also known as AKS-74U is the best assault rifle in Modern Warfare 2 heading into Season 1. A true powerhouse all rounder gun with top notch performance.

Kastov-74U | Modern Warfare 2

The combination of high damage, fast fire rate, and low recoil make the Kastov-74U a beast in both close and long ranges gunfight.

You can 3 shots your target up to 21 meters if you hit the upper body area. With Kastov-74U accuracy it's very doable, just control a little bit of it vertical recoil kick.

What make Kastov-74u even greater is that it has fast mobility, the ADS speed is great, as well as movement speed, it's just make the gun feels like a SMG but with better range.

Overall, the Kastov-74u deserved our top spot because it perform very well with all playstyles, you can play aggressive run n gun, use it as support for your sniper, or objective based sentinels.


We are still in the KASTOVIA platform for our runner up assault rifle, the KASTOV 762 or the AK-47.

Kastov 762 | Modern Warfare 2

The KASTOV 762 is a king of damage and range combination, this is the perfect assault rifle  to challenge enemies in mid to long range.

The AK-47 deal so high damage that it can 3 shots upper chest area up to 38 meters, that is almost across the map.

Although it has very high damage, we have to take in consideration that the Kastov 762 has decent fire rate so the gun fire slower than the other.

Recoil wise it also has moderate recoil which you need to practice quite a lot to get that 3 shots long range elimination.

Overall, if you a player that prefers being accurate over being fast, this gun fit perfectly for you. A perfect all rounder that you should tryout.

STB 556

Are you looking for the best close range Assault rifle and still decent at range? look no further, the STB 556 have got you covered.

STB 556 | Modern Warfare 2

The STB 556 also known as AUG is a powerful close range gun because it has extremely fast bullet velocity, very accurate, and high damage, a shredded combination.

This AR can 3 shots the target up to 14 meters and with it fast fire rate, with little to no vertical recoil, you can focus more on just aiming on target.

One minor things that weight the STB 556 down is horrible iron sight which require you to leave one attachment slot for the optic to improve your visual.

Overall, the STB 556 is a very good assault rifle for aggressive players that like close range gunfight, for mid to long range not so much which is why it deserved the third spot.


The TAQ-56 also known as SCAR-L is standing at the top 4 spot and it's quite good.

TAQ-56 | Modern Warfare 2

The TAQ-56 feels very good in Modern Warfare 2, it deals good damage, great at mid to long range, and the recoil is very controllable.

Even though it doesn't have as high damage as Kastov 762 it can still 3 shots a target up to 27 meters which is very good consider how accurate this gun can be.

The fire rate of the SCAR-L is decent, not very fast but it delivered, the gun just feels like an easier more accurate KASTOV 762. Try to pick more mid gunfight for this gun to see it max potential.

The TAQ 56 fit more of a passive playstyle, long range peek, or objective defends, you can rack up countless kills just by holding ranges angles with this AR.


The Jack of all trades M4, It's good at everything but not the best at one thing.

M4 | Modern Warfare 2

The M4A1 is an iconic assault rifle in any Call of Duty game that is well known of having low recoil control, fast fire rate, and good damage. Plus it is the first gun everybody got to play with.

Damage wise, the M4 is a 4 shots to the upper chest area in all range so it is pretty good for mid to long ranges gunfight.

The low recoil and fast fire rate actually make up for the M4 damage range, when you missed your shots you can readjust easier.

Overall, If you like versatile playstyles the M4 might be the right gun for you, it get the job done and that is the reason why we ranked top 5.


The Lachmann-556 has high potential in the future but right now it easily get outclass by the top 5.

Lachmann-556 | Modern Warfare 2

The 556 version of the Lachmann Platform actually has very good recoil control, which make mid to long range gunfight winnable in some situations.

However, the lack of damage and fire rate combination make the gun time to kills a bit slows, which is why it's easily get outclassed by our top 5.

The Lachmann-556 is more effective to use for mid range combat and require a lot of pre-aim to win the gunfight because the gun overall performance just feels sluggish in close range.

Overall, the Lachman-556 is decent, it's a 4 shots kills AR up to 31 meters with low recoil control need, fit for sentinel / objectives based playstyle.


The Kastov 545 is consider the worst gun of the KASTOVIA platform, it easily get outclassed by other ARs in Modern Wafare 2.

Kastov 545 | Modern Warfare 2

The Kastov 545 is a 4 shots to kills assault rifles at any ranges, compare to other ARs it deal the less damage and with slow fire rate make the gun time to kills even worst.

This AR accuracy is decent for close range which allows you to get 4 shots kills up to 39 meters but the recoil is a little hard to manage after 15 meters.

Overall, the gun mobility is also feels slows and it can get outclass by a lot of top ARs, which is why we ranked the Kastov 545 just one rank above the worst ever AR.


At the bottom of our list we have the M16, this gun is unanimously accepted as the worst gun in Modern Warfare 2 by the whole community. Is it that bad though?

M16 | Modern Warfare 2

The M16 is a burst assault rifle that is very inaccurate and inconsistent even in close range, there is a very low chance of getting one burst kill 10 meters let alone mid range combat.

The only way to combat this terrible performance and to switch the firing mode from burst to single and you still need to have pin point accuracy to land each of your shots.

The M16 can take 3 shots to kills up to 36 meters though it as we already mentioned, it is very hard to get consistent with this gun.

We don't think that this gun fit any playstyles at all, it is better to just unlocked and level it up and never use it again, or just never touch it.

That's it for our definitive ranking of the best Assault Rifles in Modern Warfare 2.

We hope we give you enough information related to assault rifle so you can prepare for the upcoming Season 1 as well as Warzone 2 and DMZ release.