Genshin Impact Materials List

Find Genshin Impact Materials here covering all items that you can collect to boost your character, weapons, and more.

Genshin Impact Material: Character EXP - zilliongamerCharacter EXPMaterials use to increase characters experience.
Genshin Impact Material: Character Ascension - zilliongamerCharacter AscensionMeterials use for a character once they reach their current max level.
Genshin Impact Material: Talent Level Up - zilliongamerTalent Level UpMeterials use to level up character's talent.
Genshin Impact Material: Weapon Enhancement - zilliongamerWeapon EnhancementMetarials use for leveling up weapons.
Genshin Impact Material: Weapon Ascension - zilliongamerWeapon AscensionMetarials use only to ascent a weapon once it reached max level.
Genshin Impact Material: Common Ascension - zilliongamerCommon AscensionMetarials use for character and weapon once they reach current max level.
Genshin Impact Material: Forging - zilliongamerForgingThis metarials is use for forging.
Genshin Impact Material: Cooking - zilliongamerCookingThis metarials is use for cooking.
Genshin Impact Material: Local Speciality - zilliongamerLocal SpecialtyThis metarials is obtainable in specfific regions. It can be use for character, weapon, cooking, and more.

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