Farlight 84: Best Weapons for V2.2

If you're looking for the best weapons to use in the latest version of Farlight 84, you're in the right place. Check it out down below.

Best ARs in Farlight 84


Farlight 84: AK-77

The AK-77 is the best AR in Farlight 84 which deals high damage (22), making it deadly in close-range combat with a decent rate of fire (70) let you fire quickly. However, the AK-77 has moderate recoil, so it takes practice to master.

Thankfully, it has good stability of (73) and (75) accuracy which helps you land your shots consistently within its effective range of (60). Plus, with its solid mobility (70), you’ll be able to move and react quickly in combat.


Farlight 84: Invader

The Invader is the second best Ar dealing (28) damage with (63) rate of fire making it a great choice to keep pressure on targets within its prime range (60).

The Invader is easy to master thanks to its great accuracy (83) for those precise shots. Additionally, it has good stability (78) to help you stay on target during sustained fire.


Farlight 84: M4

The M4 Carbine deals moderate damage (17) but boasts a high rate of fire (73), making it great for laying down suppressing fire. It has manageable recoil, but will require some practice to master.

Excellent stability (78) and good accuracy (77) help you consistently land shots within its effective range (60). With its solid mobility (73), you can quickly reposition and react in the heat of battle.


Farlight 84: Generator

The Generator deals slightly lower damage (15), but compensates with a very high rate of fire (80), allowing you to shred targets at close to mid-range. Its recoil is minimal, making it easy to control.

Excellent stability (85) and accuracy (80) ensure your shots land consistently within its extended effective range (84). With its average mobility (70), you'll be able to react and reposition with decent speed during combat.

Best SMGs in Farlight 84

White Dwarf

Farlight 84: White Dwarf

The White Dwarf deals (14) damage, but boasts an extremely high rate of fire (93), making it devastating in close-range combat. Its recoil is manageable for a weapon with this firing speed.

Good stability (80) and excellent accuracy (87) help you land shots reliably within its shorter effective range (56). Exceptional mobility (90) allows for aggressive run-and-gun tactics and rapid repositioning.


Farlight 84: UZI

The UZI SMG deals moderate damage (15) but boasts an incredibly high rate of fire (95), making it lethal in extreme close-quarters combat. Its recoil is minimal for its fire rate.

Excellent stability (84) and exceptional accuracy (95) keep your shots precise within its very limited range (30). Outstanding mobility (90) lets you close the distance quickly and outmaneuver your opponents in close-range fights.


Farlight 84: MF-18

The MF-18 SMG offers moderate damage (17) but compensates with a very high rate of fire (90), making it potent in close-range fights. Its recoil is surprisingly low for its fire rate.

Exceptional stability (93) and accuracy (92) mean you can land a high percentage of shots within its effective range (56). With decent mobility (72), you'll be able to react and reposition with good speed in combat.

Best Shotgun in Farlight 84: Ancient Star

Farlight 84: Ancient Star

The Ancient Star deals devastating damage (108), making it an absolute monster in extremely close quarters. However, its slow rate of fire (43) means every shot needs to count.

Moderately low stability (48) and accuracy (62) make it difficult to control and limit its effectiveness outside of point-blank range (24). Very poor mobility (25) means you'll need to position carefully before engaging in combat.

Best SR in Farlight 84: Bar-95

Farlight 84: BAR-95

The Bar-95 deals high damage (78), making it potent for long-distance engagements. It has a very slow rate of fire (30), so precise aiming is crucial.

Moderate stability (63) means you'll need to control your shots. Its accuracy (45) is relatively low for a sniper rifle, especially within its extreme effective range (100). As expected, mobility (20) is severely limited, meaning positioning is key when using this weapon.


These top weapons offer a variety of playstyles. Consider your preferences – close-range aggression, long-distance precision, or anything in between. Remember, practice and mastering map knowledge are just as important as your gun choice. Gear up and get ready to conquer Farlight 84!

End of Farlight 84 Best Gun Guide.