Veigar Best Build Wild Rift

Veigar is a Mage champion that has high basic attacks and abilities, medium ability to buff teammates and weaken or crowd control enemies, low survival with defensive or movement abilities. Veigar is a Tier A+ champion.

Check out Veigar Wild Rift Build down below:

Veigar Build Wild Rift - zilliongamer

Best Wild Rift Veigar Build

Starting Item
Amplifying Tome | Wild Rift - zilliongamerAmplifying TomeGain 25 ability power.
Core Items
Rod Of Ages | Wild Rift - zilliongamerRod of AgesGain 205 max health, 60 ability power, 300 max mana.
Rabadon's Deathcap | Wild Rift - zilliongamerRabadon's DeathcapGain 120 ability power.
Infinity Orb | Wild Rift - zilliongamerInfinity OrbGain 200 max health, 60 ability power
Boots & Enchantment
Ionian Boots of Lucidity | Wild Rift - zilliongamerIonian Boots of LucidityGain 40 move speed, 15 ability haste, and reduces spell cooldown by 15%
Protobelt Enchant | Wild Rift - zilliongamerProtobel EnchantDash forward and unleash a cone of missiles that deal 75-145 magic damage. If champion or monsters are hit by more than one missiles, the additional missiles deal only 10% damage.
Final Build
Rod Of Ages | Wild Rift - zilliongamerRod of AgeRabadon's Deathcap | Wild Rift - zilliongamerRabadon's DeathcapIonian Boots of Lucidity | Wild Rift - zilliongamerIonian Boots of Lucidity
Infinity Orb | Wild Rift - zilliongamerInfinity OrbVoid Staff | Wild Rift - zilliongamerVoid StaffMorellonomicon | Wild Rift - zilliongamerMorellonomicon
  • Void Staff: Gain 70 ability power, 40% magic penetration.
  • Morellonomicon: Gain 300 max health, 70 ability power, 15 magic penetration.

Best Veigar Runes

Electrocute | Wild Rift - zilliongamerTriumph | Wild Rift - zilliongamerBone Plating | Wild Rift - zilliongamerHunter Genius | Wild Rift - zilliongamer
  • Electrocute: Hitting a champion with 3 separate attacks or abilities in 3s deals bonus adaptive damage. 
  • Triumph: Champion takedowns restore 10% missing health. Deal 5% more damage to enemies below 35% health.
  • Bone Plating: After taking damage from a champion, the next 3 champion abilities or attacks against you within 1.5s deal 30-60 less damage.
  • Hunter Genius: Gain 3 ability haste. Unique champion takedowns grant 3 ability haste.

Veigar Spells

Flash | Wild Rift - zilliongamerBarrier | Wild Rift - zilliongamer
  • Flash: Teleport a short distance forward or towards the aimed direction.
  • Barrier: Gain a shield that absorbs 100 damage (100-450) for 2 seconds.

Veigar Abilities

Phenomenal Evil Power | Veigar Skill - zilliongamer(P)Baleful Strike | Veigar Skill - zilliongamer1stDark Matter | Veigar Skill - zilliongamer2ndEvent Horizon | Veigar Skill - zilliongamer3rdPrimordial Burst | Veigar Skill - zilliongamerULT
  • Phenomenal Evil Power: Hitting an Enemy champion with a spell grants Veigar 1 stack of Phenomenal Evil.
    • Killing minions or monsters with a spell grants Veigar 1 stack of Phenomenal Evil.
    • Champion takedowns grant Veigar 5 stacks of Phenomenal Evil.
    • Each stack of Phenomenal Evil grants 1 ability power.
  • Baleful Strike: Veigar unleashes a bolt of dark energy, dealing 65 magic damage (65+50%) to the first two enemies hit.
  • Dark Matter: Veigar summons dark matter from the sky, dealing 100 magic damage.
    • Every 50 stack of Phenomenal Evil reduce this ability's cooldown by 10%.
  • Event Horizon: Veigar creates a cage that stuns enemies that pass through for 1.5 seconds. The cage lasts for 3 seconds.
    • Veigar's dark matter auto casts will prioritize targets stunned by Event Horizon.
  • Primordial Burst: Veigar blasts an Enemy champion with primal magic to deal 170 magic damage (170+75%) to them, increased by 0% - 100% based on the target's missing health.
    • Deals max damage to enemies below 35% health.

Veigar Skill Order

NameLevel Up
Baleful Strike | Veigar Skill - zilliongamerBaleful Strike1467
Dark Matter | Veigar Skill - zilliongamerDark Matter281011
Event Horizon | Veigar Skill - zilliongamerEvent Horizon3121415
Primordial Burst | Veigar Skill - zilliongamerPrimordial Burst5913 
1. Good waveclear with Dark matter.
2. Can farm safely in the lane.
3. Ridicilous burst late game champion.
4. Become monster in late game once he is well farmed and has full items.
1. Weak against assassins.
2. Very immobile.
3. Very weak if he is behind.
4. Easily focused in teamfights.


Veigar is a strong Mage champion that has high output AP damage and is also easy to play & easy to understand his ability in just one or two gameplay.

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