Shen Best Build Wild Rift

Shen is a Support & Tank Champion that has decent basic attack damage, great survival with defense or movement abilities, high ability to buff teammates or crowd control enemies, and difficulty to play. Shen is a Tier A+ champion.

Check out Shen Wild Rift Build down below:

Wild Rift Shen Build - zilliongamer

Best Wild Rift Shen Build

Starting Item
Ruby Crystal | Wild Rift - zilliongamerRuby CrystalGain 150 max health
Core Items
Sunfire Aegis | Wild Rift - zilliongamerSunfire Aegis
Gain 500 max health, and 15 ability haste
Dead Man's Plate | Wild Rift - zilliongamerDead Man's PlateGain 250 max health, 50 Armor
Thornmail | Wild Rift - zilliongamerThornmail
Gain 200 max health, and 75 armor
Boots & Enchant
Plated Steelcaps | Wild Rift - zilliongamerPlated SteelcapsGain 40 move speed, 15 armor
Stoneplate Enchant | Wild Rift - zilliongamerStoneplate enchantIncrease your Health by 65%, while reducing damage dealt by 60% for 4 seconds. If there 3 or more enemy champion nearby, increases Health by 130% instead.
Final Build
Sunfire Aegis | Wild Rift - zilliongamerSunfire AegisDead Man's Plate | Wild Rift - zilliongamerDead Man's PlateStoneplate Enchant | Wild Rift - zilliongamerSteel Plate Stoneplate
Thornmail | Wild Rift - zilliongamerThornmailSpirit Visage | Wild Rift - zilliongamerSpirit Visage
Warmog's Armor | Wild Rift - zilliongamerWarmog's Armor
  • Spirit Visage: Gain 350 max health, 100% health regen, 50 magic resistance, and 10 ability haste
    • Blessed: Increases all healing, regen, and drain effects on yourself by 30%.
  • Warmog's Armor: Gain 700 max health, 200% health regen, 10 ability haste.
    • Warmog's Heart: If you have at least 950 bonus health, restore 5% maximum health per second if you haven't taken damage with the last 6 seconds.

Best Shen Runes

Grasp of The Undying | Wild Rift - zilliongamerTriumph | Wild Rift - zilliongamerHunter Titan | Wild Rift - zilliongamerHunter Genius | Wild Rift - zilliongamer
  • Grasp of The Undying: When in combat, your next attack on a champion will occasionally deal bonus magic damage, heal you, and permanently increase your health.
  • Triumph: Champion takedowns restore 10% missing health. Deal 5% more damage to enemies below 35% health.
  • Hunter Titan: Gain 20 max health. Unique champion takedowns grant 20 max health and 3% tenacity.
  • Hunter Genius: Unique champion takedowns grant ability haste.

Shen Spells

Flash | Wild Rift - zilliongamerIgnite | Wild Rift - zilliongamer
  • Flash: Teleport a short distance forward or towards the aimed direction.
  • Ignite: Ignites target enemy champion, dealing 60 true damage (60-410) over 5 seconds and applying 60% Grievous Wounds for the duration.
    • Grievous Wounds: reduces the effectiveness of healing and Regeneration effects.

Shen Abilities

Ki Barrier | Shen Skill - zilliongamer(P)Twilight Assault | Shen Skill - zilliongamer1stSpirit's Refuge | Shen Skill - zilliongamer2ndShadow Dash | Shen Skill - zilliongamer3rdStand United | Shen Skill - zilliongamerULT
  • Ki Barrier (Passive): Gains a shield that absorbs 60 damage for 2.5 seconds after completing an ability. If the ability affected at least one champion, Ki Barrier's cooldown is reduced by 4 seconds.
    • Gain 15 energy when Shen's abilities damage an enemy.
  • Twilight Assault (1st): Recalls the Spirit Blade, enhancing his next 3 attacks to deal an additional 12 plus 2.5% of the target's max health as magic damage. If the Spirit Blade passed through an enemy champion, the damage bonus is increased to 12 plus 5.5% of the target's max health as magic damage and Shen gain 50% attack speed.
  • Spirit's Refuge (2nd): Sends the Spirit Blade to an allied champion, creating a zone that blocks enemy attacks for 1.75 seconds.
  • Shadow Dash (3rd): Dashes forward, dealing 60 physical damage to enemy champion and monsters, taunting them for 1.5 seconds.
  • Stand United (Ultimate): Channels for 3 seconds, shielding an allied champion for 170 damage for 5 seconds, increased by 0%-60% based on target's missing health. 
    • Upon completing the channel, Shen teleports to the target ally.

Shen Skill Order

NameLevel Up
Twilight Assault | Shen Skill - zilliongamerTwilight Assault
Spirit's Refuge | Shen Skill - zilliongamerSpirit's Refuge
Shadow Dash | Shen Skill - zilliongamerShadow Dash
Stand United | Shen Skill - zilliongamerStand United
1. Has Decent CC.
2. No Mana & Lots of health regen.
3. Shadow Dash allows you to jump over terrain.
4. Easy to engaging or escaping fights.
5. Extremely good for split pusher
1. Difficult to play.
2. Long skill cooldown.


Shen is a strong champion that can be played as a fighter and support, he has decent damage, great for split pushing, and can teleport to allied with his Stand United.

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