Karma Best Build Wild Rift

Karma is a Supporter in Wild Rift that has a low complexity of ability mechanics and easy to controls, high ability to survive with defensive and movement abilities. Karma can deal good damage deals with her abilities.

Check out Karma Wild Rift Build down below:

Karma Build Wild Rift - zilliongamer

Best Wild Rift Karma Build

Starting Item
Amplifying Tome | Wild Rift - zilliongamerAmplifying TomeGain 25 Ability Power
Core Items
Ardent Censor | Wild Rift - zilliongamerArdent CensorGain 250 max health, 60 ability power, 10 ability haste
Staff of Flowing Waters | Wild Rift - zilliongamerStaff of Flowing WatersGain 65 ability power,  350 max mana, and 20 ability haste
Harmonic Echo | Wild Rift - zilliongamerHarmonic EchoGain 75 ability power, 300 max mana, 10 ability haste
Boots & Enchantment
Ionian Boots of Lucidity | Wild Rift - zilliongamerIonian Boots of LucidityGain 40 move speed, 15 ability haste, and reduces spell cooldown by 15%
Redemption Enchant | Wild Rift - zilliongamerRedemption EnchantActive reveal a position and a beam of light heal allies by 25-375
Final Build
Ardent Censor | Wild Rift - zilliongamerArdent CensorStaff of Flowing Waters | Wild Rift - zilliongamerStaff of Flowing WatersRedemption Enchant | Wild Rift - zilliongamerIonian Redemption
Harmonic Echo | Wild Rift - zilliongamerHarmonic EchoAthene's Unholy Grail | Wild Rift - zilliongamerAthene's Unholy GrailCrystalline Reflector | Wild Rift - zilliongamerCrystalline Reflector
  • Athene's Unholy Grail: Gain 55 ability power, 40 magic resistance, and 10 ability haste.
  • Crystalline Reflector: Gain 45 armor, 60 ability power, and 15 ability haste.

Best Karma Runes

Aery | Wild Rift - zilliongamerBrutal | Wild Rift - zilliongamerLoyalty | Wild Rift - zilliongamerManaflow Bane | Wild Rift - zilliongamer
  • Aery: Your attacks and abilities send Aery to a target, damaging enemies or shielding allies.
  • Brutal: Gain AD/AP. (Adaptive)
  • Loyalty: You and your closest ally gain AR and MR.
  • Manaflow Bane: Hitting an enemy champion with an ability permanently increases your max mana.

Karma Spells

Flash | Wild Rift - zilliongamerIgnite | Wild Rift - zilliongamer
  • Flash: Teleport a short distance forward or towards the aimed direction,
  • Ignite: Ignite target enemy champion, dealing 60 true damage over 5 seconds and applying 60% Grievous Wounds for the duration.

Karma Abilities

Mantra | Karma Skill - zilliongamerPassiveInner Flame | Karma Skill - zilliongamer1stFocused Resolve | Karma Skill - zilliongamer2ndInspire | Karma Skill - zilliongamer3rdTranscendent Embrace | Karma Skill - zilliongamerULT
  • Mantra (Passive)Every Spell cast grants Karma a stack of Mantra. At 3 stacks, she enters a Mantra State, enhancing her next basic ability.
  • Inner Flame (1st): Fires a blast of energy, dealing 60 magic damage to the first target hit and surrounding enemies, and slowing them by 35% for 1.5 seconds.
    • Mantra: Increases the destructive power of the blast, dealing 70 magic damage to the first target hit and surrounding enemies. The blast leaves a field for 1.5 seconds, slowing targets by 50%, after which it explodes and deal 40 magic damage.
  • Focused Resolve (2nd): Tethers up to two nearby enemy champions, dealing 35 magic damage and revealing them for 1.75 seconds. If targets fail to break the tether, they take 40 magic damage and rooted for 1 seconds.
    • Mantra: A new tether will be formed between tethered targets. if there is only one tethered target, the new tether will spread toward an additional nearby enemy champion. If targets fail to break all the tethers, they take 40 magic damage and are rooted for an improved 1.5 seconds.
  • Inspire (3rd): Grants an allied champion 60 shield for 3 seconds and 45% movement speed for 1.5 seconds
    • Mantra: Karma focuses her power, granting a 150 shield that decays over 4 seconds and 60% movement speed that decays to 20% over the same duration. An additional ring is generated around the shielded target, and the first ally champion who enters the ring will be granted the same shield.
  • Transcendent Embrace (ULT): Immediately enters Mantra state.
    • Forms a ring of spirit energy at the target location. After 1s, it detonates, dealing 150 magic damage to all enemies inside the circle and slowing them by 50% for 1s. if enemies are hit by the outer ring, they will be knocked back toward the center.

Karma Skill Order

NameLevel UP
Inner Flame | Karma Skill - zilliongamerInner Flame1467
Focused Resolve | Karma Skill - zilliongamerFocused Resolve2121415
Inspire | Karma Skill - zilliongamerInspire
Transcendent Embrace | Karma Skill - zilliongamerTranscendent Embrace
1. Great sustained damage.
2. Huge survivability.
3. Can carry the team as a protector.
4. easy to poke and slows with her Inner Flame.
5. Not hard to learn.
1. Mana hungry early game.
2. Needs core items for full potential.
3. Needs good decision making.


Karma is a champion that easy to play and takes a short time to understand her skill. Use her ability to harass the enemy in the early game, She is a very strong support champion and also easy to play too.

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