Akshan Best Build Wild Rift

Akshan is an Assassin & Marksman champion that has high output basic attack & abilities, with low ability to survive with defensive and movement speed abilities. 

Check out Akshan Wild Rift Build down below: 

Wild Rift Akshan Build - zilliongamer

Best Wild Rift Akshan Build

Down below is the best Akshan build if you play in Duo lane.

Starting Items
Long Sword | Wild Rift - zilliongamerLong SwordGain 12 attack damage
Core Items
Blade of the Ruined King | Wild Rift - zilliongamerBlade of the Ruined KingGain 20 attack damage, 35% attack speed.
Infinity Edge | Wild Rift - zilliongamerInfinity EdgeGain 55 attack damage, 25% critical rate.
Bloodthirster | Wild Rift - zilliongamerBloodthirsterGain 50 attack damage, 25% critical rate.
Boots & Enchantment
Plated Steelcaps | Wild Rift - zilliongamerPlated SteelcapsGain 40 move speed, and 15 armor.
Stasis Enchant | Wild Rift - zilliongamerStasis EnchantBecome invulnerable and untargetable for 2.5 seconds, but unable to move, attack, cast abilities, or use items. (120s cooldown).
Final Build
Blade of the Ruined King | Wild Rift - zilliongamerBlade of the Ruined KingPlated Steelcaps | Wild Rift - zilliongamerPlated SteelcapsInfinity Edge | Wild Rift - zilliongamerInfinity Edge
Bloodthirster | Wild Rift - zilliongamerBloodthirsterStormrazor | Wild Rift - zilliongamerStormrazorMortal Reminder | Wild Rift - zilliongamerMortal Reminder
  • Stormrazor: Gain 40 attack damage, 25% critical rate, 20% attack speed.
    • Energized: Moving and attacking will generate an Energized attack.
    • Paralyze: Energized attacks gain 50-120 bonus magic damage and slow by 75% for 0.5seconds.
  • Mortal Reminder: Gain 45 attack damage.
    • Last whisper: 16+30% armor penetration.
    • Sepsis: Dealing physical damage applies 40% Grievous Wounds to enemy champions for 3 seconds. If the enemy is below 50% health, this effect is increased to 60% Grievous Wounds.
    • Grievous Wounds reduce the effectiveness of Healing and Regeneration effects.

Best Akshan Runes

Down below are the best runes build for Akshan.

Conqueror | Wild Rift - zilliongamerBrutal | Wild Rift - zilliongamerNullifying Orb | Wild Rift - zilliongamerSweet Tooth | Wild Rift - zilliongamer
  • Conqueror: Gain stacks of Adaptive force when hitting a champion with separate attacks or abilities. Stacks up to 5 times. When fully stacked, deal bonus adaptive damage to champions.
  • Brutal: Gain 7 AD or 14 AP (Adaptive)
  • Nullifying Orb: If you would take damage from a champion that causes you to fall below 35% of your maximum health. gain a shield for 4 seconds.
    • Shield: 80 + 50% bonus + 30%.
  • Sweet Tooth: Increases Honeyfruit healing by 20%. Whenever you or nearby ally eats a honeyfruit gain 15 gold.

Akshan Spells

Flash | Wild Rift - zilliongamerIgnite | Wild Rift - zilliongamer
  • Flash: Teleport a short distance forward or towards the aimed direction.
  • Ignite: Ignites target enemy champion, dealing 72 true damage (72 - 380) over 5 seconds and applying 60% Grievous Wounds for the duration. Grievous Wounds reduces the effectiveness of Healing and Regeneration effects.

Akshan Abilities

Vayne abilities: Dirty Fighting | League of Legends Wild Rift - zilliongamer(P)Akshan abilities: Avengerang | League of Legends Wild Rift - zilliongamer1stAkshan abilities: Going Rogue| League of Legends Wild Rift - zilliongamer2ndAkshan abilities: Heroic Swing | League of Legends Wild Rift - zilliongamer3rdAkshan abilities: Comeuppance | League of Legends Wild Rift - zilliongamerULT
  • Dirty Fighting (Passive): Every three hits from attacks and abilities deal an additional 25 magic damage. Against champions, he also gains a shield that absorbs 40 damage(40 + 40 bonus) for 2 seconds (12seconds cooldown).
    • After launching an attack, Akshan will fire a second shot that deals 26 physical damage (50%). He can cancel this shot to gain 40 movement speed decaying over 1 second.
  • Avengerang (1st): Throws a boomerang that deals 47 physical damage(5 + 80%), extending the range each time it hits an enemy.
    • Hits grant Akshan 40% movement speed decaying over 1 second.
  • Going Rogue (2nd): Passive: Enemies that kill allied champions become Scoundrels for 40% seconds. When a scoundrel dies within 3 seconds of begin damaged by Akshan, Akshan gain 100 goldand revives the slain allies.
    • Active: Become camouflaged for 1.75 seconds and gain 80% Movement speed toward Scoundrels. Duration is infinite while Akshan is near terrain or in the brush.
  • Heroic Swing (3rd): Fires a hook to attach and swing around terrain, attacking the nearest enemy for 30 physical damage (30 + 15% bonus) per shot. If Akshan collides with an enemy champion or terrain, he will jump off the rope.
  • Comeuppance (ULT): Locks onto an enemy champion, charging 5 shots over 3 seconds.
    • Re-cast: Fires the shots, dealing 26 physical damage (20 + 10%) to the first enemy or structure hit, increased up to 101 physical damage (80 + 40%) based on the target's missing health.

Akshan Skill Order

NameLevel Up
Akshan abilities: Avengerang | League of Legends Wild Rift - zilliongamerAvengerang1368
Akshan abilities: Going Rogue| League of Legends Wild Rift - zilliongamerGoing Rogue7121415
Akshan abilities: Heroic Swing | League of Legends Wild Rift - zilliongamerHeroic Swing241011
Akshan abilities: Comeuppance | League of Legends Wild Rift - zilliongamerComeuppance5913 
1. Ability to deal damage, shield and attack speed from passive ability.
2. Better trade in lane with bonus damage after 3 basic attacks.
3. Massive damage with ultimate.
4. Good camouflage ability and high maneuverability.
1. Hard to play.
2. Weak health.
3. Need equipment to be strong.
4. Squish.


Akshan is a good Marksman that can carry the game with good damage output and a great playstyle. But Akshan's skill is a bit hard to understand you need more practice to play this champion. 

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