Best Guns in Warzone Mobile Soft Launch So Far

Picking up the right gun to help you win gunfight is very crucial in Warzone Mobile especially in soft launch since loadout build is currently not available yet.

In this article we go through the best weapon to use in different scenarios such as all-rounder, sniper support, and more.

Best Guns in Warzone Mobile Soft Launch

Here are 10 best guns in Warzone Mobile

  1. RPK
  2. Kastov 762
  3. Kastov-74u
  4. Taq-56
  5. Fennec 45
  6. Lachmann Sub
  7. Signal 50
  8. SP-X 80
  9. Raal MG
  10. HCR 56

Here are why they're in the Soft launch top 10

In this part we will go through each weapon performance and explained why they are your top 10 choices for the current version.


RPK is the best gun in Warzone Mobile right now, the RPK is a perfect all-rounder lmg to use for any ranges.

Best gun in Warzone Mobile: RPK

The RPK deal very high damage with very low recoil control, you can beam enemy easily at range. With the high ammo capacity this gun is pretty much useable for every game mode from solo to quad.

You should run the RPK as mid to long range weapon and have an SMG as your close range primary because the RPK has slow ADS speed, in close quarter combat you might lost because your gun scope in slower.

Another things to watch out when using the RPK is reload speed, try to find a decent cover to reload the gun because it has pretty slow reload time.

Kastov 762

The Kastov 762 or AK-47 is standing toe to toe with the RPK, the mini version of the RPK so to speak.

Kastov 762

The Kastov 762 deal very high damage in WZ Mobile and it has very clean iron sight make the gun very good to use in mid range gunfight.

Despite having slow fire rate the Kastov-762 seems to hit like a truck and shred through enemies armor very quick, you can really use this gun in any situations.

Mobility wise, the Kastov-762 has fast ADS speed and aim walking speed so strafing and shooting is very good with this gun.


If you're a sniper main and looking for the most effective sniper support, the Kastov-74u is a perfect gun that we can recommend.


The Kastov-74u is very fast mobility such as ADS time, strafing speed, moreover this gun also deal very high damage with very fast fire rate.

You can utilize this gun very well in close to mid range, especially in close range it is very deadly thanks to the high damage and very fast fire rate combo.

Recoil wise the Kastov-74u kick a little higher for mid range but you don't need to worry in close range combat.


The Taq-56 or Scar-l is a very accurate assault rifle that perform really well in mid to long range


If you are looking for a no recoil AR to beam for long range the Taq-56 is one of the best gun out there that you can pick up.

The Taq-56 deal high damage with fast fire rate, the highlight attributes of this ar is that it has very low recoil control make it very easy to track range enemies.

Mobility wise this gun is solid, it has fast ADS speed, great strafing speed so you can also win close range gunfight with it as well.

Fennec 45

The Fennec 45 is the fastest killing gun in Warzone Mobile close quarter combat.

Fennec 45

Fennec 45 is a SMG that has extremely fast fire rate combine with high close quarter damage make it the strongest gun that you can use for close quarter gunfight.

However, the cons when using Fennec 45 is that you lack mid range firepower, so we recommend to use the  Fennec 45 with the RPK or any of the top 4 guns.

Often watch your ammo count as well because with the extremely fast fire rate you will run out of ammo pretty quick. Recoil wise it is controllable in close to mid range.

Lachmann Sub

The alternative choice of Fennec 45 is the MP5 or known as Lachmann Sub. A perfect close to mid range smg.

Lachmann Sub

The Lachmann Sub is a gun that output great damage in both close quarter and mid range combat, not that it's as high as any AR but it's up there.

This gun has great mobility which helps you move around very well and it also has low recoil, so hitting close range target is very easy.

Signal 50

Looking for the best sniper in Warzone Mobile? Look no further the Signal 50 is the one.

Signal 50

In Warzone Mobile you can't one shot down enemy at all, the reason why Signal 50 is the best sniper in WZ Mobile is that it can rapid fire shots without having to rechamber which is very crucial.

Hit an enemy then hit the follow up shot in a matter of seconds is what make the Signal 50 a perfect sniper for mid to long range gunfight.

SP-X 80

Aside from the Signal 50, the SP-X 80 is another great sniper in WZM that you can try out.

SP-X 80

The SP-X 80 is a fast mobility sniper that perform very well in any ranges, this gun deal great damage with fast bullet velocity so you can try to quick scope with it as well.

This sniper also has pretty quick rechamber speed, so hitting follow up shots is also pretty easy to do.

Raal MG

A hard hitting lmg to use in Warzone Mobile, the Raal MG is a great gun to use against a squad.

Raal MG

The Raal MG deal very high damage and extremely fast fire rate with limited recoil control, you can beam enemies in close to mid range very well with this gun.

Mobility wise, this gun has pretty slow ADS speed so try to pre aim first before you firing at your target.

HCR 56

The last gun in our top 10 is the HCR 56, a low recoil control lmg that is great for close to mid ranges combat.

HCR 56

The HCR 56 deal high damage with fast fire rate, this gun has very low recoil control so beaming close to mid range targets is very easy.

Mobility wise the HCR 56 has a decent aim down sight speed, and you can move around the map decently well.

Warzone Mobile Best Guns History

Here you can find the history from the beginning of our Warzone Mobile weapons meta.


In summary, when it come to picking the best gun for your primary or the secondary, try to choose a gun that deal great damage and low recoil control so you can use it for any ranges.

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