Best Guns in Warzone Mobile: 7 Weapons for Close Range

Struggling to win more close range gunfight in Warzone Mobile? Here are 7 of the best close range guns that you should pick up on your next drop.

Warzone Mobile is in a very early stage of testing so you can't build your gun loadout yet however you can pick up the base version of all these guns from the ground loot.

In most close range gunfight, you will need a weapon that has high damage and fast fire rate to shred through enemy armor quickly, as well as fast mobility to move around freely.

Down below are all the best Warzone Mobile guns to use for close range combat:

1. Kastov-74U

Warzone Mobile Kastov-74U

The Kastov-74U is the best gun in Warzone Mobile that you should use as your close range primary, it has very high mobility so you can strafe and shoot with it very well.

If you found the Kastov-74U in early landing, there is very low chance that you will lose a close range gunfight.

2. Fennec 45

Warzone Mobile Fennec 45

The Fennec 45 is up there when it come to close quarter gunfight, the speed of how fast the Fennec 45 can kill a target is insanely fast even if the enemy have 3 armor plates.

We recommend to use the Fennec 45 for only close quarter combat, the bullet drops of this gun will make you missed a lot of your shots at mid range.

3. Lachmann Sub

Warzone Mobile Lachmann Sub

The Lachmann Sub is another great smg that you should consider using it as your close range primary in Warzone Mobile.

This gun is on par with the Fennec 45, it deal high damage with very fast fire rate and it's very easy to find on the ground loot anywhere you drop.

4. FSS Hurricane

Warzone Mobile FSS Hurricane

If you are looking for a close range gun with high ammo count the FSS Hurricane might just be for you it has zero recoil and you can beam enemy pretty well.

The FSS Hurricane is great to use vs a full team because it has a lot of ammo per magazine, and it also deal high damage with decent fire rate as well.

5. VEL 46

Warzone Mobile VEL 46

The VEL 46 kills very fast in Warzone Mobile because it has extremely fast fire rate but at the same time the gun run out of ammo very quick.

The VEL 46 is a great gun to use in 1v1 close range combat, beside this scenario it can be very hard to output the damage to the enemy because of the bullet drop.

6. Minibak

Warzone Mobile Minibak

The Minibak is another SMG that has high ammo capacity and is also good to use for close range combat.

This gun deal good damage and decent fire rate, it kills a little slower than the top 5 guns but it's useable especially in early landing phase since most enemies are still having 2 plates.

7. PDSW 528

Warzone Mobile PDSW 528

The PDSW 528 is a decent gun to use in Warzone Mobile, this is another smg that has high ammo count so you can use to wipeout a whole squads by your own with 1 mags.

The PDSW 528 deal decent damage with very fast fire rate, so close range wise this gun is pretty good to use but when the enemy is a little bit further the gun damage will drop as well as it bullet velocity.

In conclusion, If you want to win more close range gunfight in Warzone Mobile you need to find one of these 7 weapons when you drop into your next game.

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