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Mahra can use to upgrade your active Sylphs tier from level 1 to 79.
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Advanced Mahra1063
Advanced Mahra
Advanced Mahra can be used to increase the growth rate of the level 80 active Sylph.
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Soul Crystal1064
Soul Crystal
Crystals used in Soul Engraving. Major drops in Campaigns. Source: Dungeons, Guild Shop, Campaigns, Circuit Quest.
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Shadow Crystal1065
Shadow Crystal
A form of crystal that has mysterious powers, for completing normal Guild tasks. Sources: Dungeon(Lv. 25 or higher).
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Luck Stone1066
Luck Stone
Luck Stone Lv. 1-9, increases enchantment success rate from 10% to 90% by their level. Sources: Guild Shop, Campaign, Multiplayer Dungeon, Solo Arena.
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Blessings of God1067
Blessings of God
Blessings of God can be used to upgrade blue Sylph equipment to purple Sylph equipment. Source: Multiplayer Dungeon, Sanctuary Shop.
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The most common currency, produced by the internal affairs office.
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A required item for upgrading troops. It originates from the souls of fallen soldiers.
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A special currency can be used to purchase special items in shop. Sources: recharge(unbound balen); quest and events(bound balen).
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Send Roses to your friend to increase their Charm and Friendliness. The Higher the Friendliness, the more Bonus EXP and attributes obtained.
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Booster scroll, Bonus EXP scroll, Double Honor scroll, Bounty scroll, Sylph EXP scroll and Gems scroll, ... Check for more detail about all this items here!
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Battleground Treasure Chest1073
Battleground Treasure Chest
A mysterious treasure chest found inn the Battlegrounds, Contents include: Kyanite, Medallions, Luck Stone and other valuable items. Synthesized 60 Battleground Treasure Shards in Blacksmith.
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Crypt and Purgatory Keys1074
Crypt and Purgatory Keys
Crypt Key can be used to double EXP and Gems in Catacombs and unlock Tormented Necropolis; Purgatory can be used in Purgatory Maze.
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Crypt Tokens1075
Crypt Tokens
Crypt token can be used to exchange for valuable items in Crypt Shop. Source: Forgotten Catacombs.
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Stamina Potion1076
Stamina Potion
Stamina potion can be used to increase hero stamina. Stamina can be used to receive EXP and items form Campaigns.
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Fashion Core1077
Fashion Core
Synthesis material used to replace Lv. 1 Clothing and can be used to identify Clothing stats; Source: The Spire chest.
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Fate Stone1078
Fate Stone
Used to level up Brutal Edge and Influence in Wheel of Fate. Sources: Events and Advance Guild Shop.
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Good Luck Charm1079
Good Luck Charm
Improve chance of synthesizing clothing, Only be used to promote corresponding level. Success rate can be 100%. Sources: Events, Purchase from shop for 298 Balens.
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Heaven Horn1080
Heaven Horn
Used to open the Wishing Wall to get rich rewards, required Lv. 60. Sources: Sky Trail, Exchange Sylph Crystalloid (60 for each).
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Imperial Pass1081
Imperial Pass
Item for completing the current Circuit Quest. Source: Daily quests.
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Insignia can be used to buy items in the Arena Shop. Sources: Solo Arena, Guild Battle, Events, Battleground.
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A required material for synthesizing Lv. 20 - 70 gears. Sources: Campaigns, Multiplayer Dungeon, Mystery Shop, Guild Shop.
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Refinement Crystals1084
Refinement Crystals
Used to refine equipment in the Blacksmith. Sources: can get by recycle equipment.
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HP Pack1085
HP Pack
HP Pack provide big amount of HP to hero. Sources: Guild Shop and Shop(golds and balens)..
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Mount Hoof1086
Mount Hoof
Mount Hoof can be used to enhance the mount card. Sources: Dragon Invasion, Providence.
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