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  • Sylph equipment enchanting

    Sylph equipment enchanting

    Date : 2018-10-19 By : Panha
    Sylph equipment enchantment can add bonus stats and increase sylph battle rating. Enchantment requires Magical Moonlight and Glint of Magic. Check more detail about sylph equipment enchantment here!
  • Sylph equipment upgrading

    Sylph equipment upgrading

    Date : 2018-10-19 By : Panha
    Upgrade your sylph equipment to increase basic attributes and make your sylph more power full. Check more detail about sylph equipment upgrade here!
  • Sylph equipment refinement

    Sylph equipment refinement

    Date : 2018-10-20 By : Panha
    Refine your sylph equipment to get extra stat bonus to your sylph. Refinement costsĀ Golden Holy Water for each refinement process. Check out more detail here!
  • Sylph equipment socket

    Sylph equipment socket

    Date : 2018-10-20 By : Panha
    Divinity Souls can be used to socket sylph equipment to increases equipment stat bonus. Check more detail about sylph equipment socket here!