Normal mounts

Normal Mounts

Every player that reached level 16 will receive a White Battle Steed as a default mount and have ability to gain additional mounts by upgrading stables. By upgrading mount stable level, players with get a mount each level with different stat, mount strength and increase movement speed.
There are 10 level in normal stable and have 10 mounts as well.

MountsDescriptionBonusesStable Level
White Battle Steed
A very rare, strong, and vigorous white horse.Mount Strength +1001
Imperial Steed
A rare war-horse that is ridden exclusively by the Yaloran Empire Army.Mount Strength +2002
Phantom Steed
A war-horse with a fealess heart. Some have even been seen running through the heart of the Void. It will fall to no enemy.Mount Strength +5003
Heavenly Pegasus
A divine gift only found in the Celestial Palace. This mount can only be ridden by the gods.Mount Strength +5004
Thunder Panther
A powerful creature which has the ability to summon thunder and lightning.Mount Strength +5005
Phantom Komodo
A lightning fast ancient dragon with miraculous power. It can even hide its own smell to conceal itself from all enemies.Mount Strength +5006
Hades's Lion
While it may not be as well known as its stately cousin, this vicious underworld lion is no less a King of the Beasts.Mount Strength +5007
Hades's Lion 2
While it may not be as well known as its stately cousin, this vicious underworld lion is no less a King of the Beasts.Mount Strength +5008
Sky Efficacious Dragon
A kind of Efficacious Dragons from the Sky Temple, which can breathe in and out clouds, and can only be reined in by the Lord God.
(Able to fly)
Mount Strength +5009
Indigo Dragon
It is said that if many people dream the same sweet dream at the same time, an Indigo Dragon magically arises and bring the dreams to life. (Able to fly)Mount Strength +50010
Upgrade mounts

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  • Normal mounts

    Normal mounts

    Date : 2018-10-05 By : Panha
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