Mount Stable Upgrade

Mount Upgrade Stable


Normal Mount Stable

Mount Training Whips can be used to train mount, gaining additional power. Each mount has specific stat that stack with other mounts you owned, so even if your equip another mount, the stat will be the same. Every Mount Training Whip give 10 Mount EXP, but you will have chance to receive 50 EXP for when you consume 50 Mount Training Whips per time. Level up your Normal Mount Stable to unlock new Mounts.

Advance Mount Stable

It the same way as you upgrade Normal Stable, but it requires Golden Whips for upgrading.

Mount Refine

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  • Mount Stable Upgrade

    Mount Stable Upgrade

    Date : 2018-11-07 By : Panha
    Upgrade your normal and advance mount stable to get bonuses attributes; STR, INT, END, and DEF. Mount Training Whip and Golden Whip are required for upgrading.
  • Mount Refine

    Mount Refine

    Date : 2018-11-07 By : Panha
    Refine mounts for attribute bonuses. Mount Hoof is required for mount refining. Balens cannot be used to refine.
  • Special mounts

    Special mounts

    Date : 2018-10-05 By : Panha
    Special Mounts can be obtained from special event, quests and Balens purchases. The more mounts collected, the stronger characters can become. Special mounts can give the amazing stat bonuses to characters. Check for mounts detail here!
  • Upgrade mounts

    Upgrade mounts

    Date : 2018-10-05 By : Panha
    Upgrade mounts can receive by upgrading advance stable. Each stable level has a each but required mount card to activated the mount. Check all mounts detail here!
  • Normal mounts

    Normal mounts

    Date : 2018-10-05 By : Panha
    There are 10 level in normal mount stable and each level players will receive a mounts. Check these 10 mounts in detail here!


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