Guild Boss

Guild Boss

Guild Boss is a weekly guild event with great rewards. Beware, the boss of each tier has a certain immunity buff. Earn your place on the cross-server Boss Kill Points leaderboard in each weekly session and win weekly ranking rewards.

Event Time: Monday to Sunday at 10:00 - 23:00 (server time)

Attempts: 70/week

Event Rules:

  1. Guild Boss is a weekly event where you can challenge Bosses at any time when the event is on.
  2. Each guild member has 70 attempts per week. Guild Master and Asst. Guild Masters can purchase 10 additional weekly attempts in Guild Inspiration. Weekly attempts reset at 5 am every Monday.
  3. Guild Boss consists of 30 chapters that unlock in ascending order. The progression of the event reset at 5 am every Monday.
  4. Guild members receive rewards upon monster takedown. Those who perform the killing blow also get extra rewards. The points available from each monster vary. The more damage you deal, the more points you will get.
  5. A cross-server Guild Points leaderboard will be made after a session finishes every Sunday, followed by the distribution of ranking-based weekly rewards.
  6. The leaderboard in question is based on total points earned by a guild. In case the points are equal, the defining factor will be when the highest-tier boss was taken down. It the times are still the sasme, ranking will be decided by Battle Ratings.
  7. Two Sylphs can be deployed in Guild Boss. Beware the immunity of each boss.
  8. Spend Balens and Bound Balens to gain individual Inspiration (not to be confused with individual buffs). Enhanced Blessed Health provides 5% bonus attributes for 10 minutes. The duration can be extended by purchasing repeatedly. Vigorous Assault provides 10%, 15%, 20% bonus attributes, but is only effective when Enhanced Blessed Health is in play.
  9. Spend Guild Wealth to gain Guild Inspiration which gives 10% bonus attributes to all guild members for 10 minutes. The duration can be extended 3 times by purchasing repeatedly. Fighting Spirit increases weekly challenge attempts of all guild members. Max 2 purchases. The effect is lost upon leaving the guild.
  10. Monster takedown rewards can only be obtained once. You cannot receive rewards from the same monster again in one sessin. even if you switch to another guild.
  11. Effects of Inspiration and individual buffs can stack.
  12. Use refresh button to get the up-to-date event progression.


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