Guild Battle

Guild Battle

Guild Battle is a weekly activity for guild member. Participate in Guild wars and gain medals and rare Soul Crystals.

Event Time: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 8:00pm - 9:00pm (server time)

Event Descriptions: 

  1. Guild Battle grouping will reset at 5:00am following each Guild Battle round. The top 8 guilds in the Guild Battle Rating rankings will participate.
  2. The Guild master and assistant guild masters may select the Guild Battle participants from their guild. A maximum of 50 participants can be set.
  3. The Guild to complete one of the following, wins the Guild Battle.
    • The team who destroys the enemy's Ward Tower first.
    • The team who gains a 4,000 points advantage over the enemy.
    • The team who finishes with more points at the end of the battle.
  4. The longer the battle lasts, the more rewards for the winner and less for the loser.
  5. If both guilds finish with the same amount of points, the guild with the higher Guild Battle Rating will win.
  6. Following each Guild Battle, all participants will receive rewards.
  7. The more mystery towers occupied, the more damage players will deal to the Ward Tower.

Battle Rewards:

Less than 20min
Betwee 20min and 40min
More than 40min
The 10 players that have most contribution points in each guild will be rewarded with an additional 150 Insignias and 150 Honors.


Weekly Rewards:

All members (include player who had not participated in any battle) will receiving the following rewards after Friday's battle according to each guild rank:


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