Players can earn title by completing acheivements, and the can choose to display a title the have earned. These title are categorized into GrowthArena ChallengeDungeon Challenge, and Others. The titles are in different colors: Grey for lesser titles, Purple for better titles and Golden for superior titles. Some titles are hard to obtain but shown as coloful or animated graphics and may appear next to a player's name in chat or diplay as a system announcemnt when they sing in, in addition to appearing above their character's head.

Titles also have stat bonuses which accumulate as you earn more titles. These bonuses are applied in total, regardless of which title you choose to display. You can view your Title Bonuses in buff icon below your HP bar.


Balenor's Top Warrior#1 in Battle Rating RankingsPATK/MATK +220
Top 10Top 10 in Battle Rating RankingsPATK/MATK +150
Top Archer/Top Mage/Top Knight#1 Battle Rated Archer/Mage/KnightHP +670
SoulmateSoul Engraving of LV. 80PATK/MATK +110
Astrol MasterOwn a LV.10 AstralPATK/MATK +110
PrivateHave at least 2000 HonorHP +120
ChampionHave at least 4000 HonorHP +120
ProtectorHave at least 7000 HonorHP +120
Elite WarriorHave at least 10000 HonorHP +230
CrusaderHave at least 32000 HonorHP +230
Knight CrusaderHave at least 60000 HonorHP +230
Elite CrusaderHave at least 88000 HonorHP +340
High CommanderHave at least 126000 HonorHP +340
Imperial CommanderHave at least 176000 HonorHP +340
Lord DivineHave at least 240000 HonorPDEF/MDEF +125
Earth Dragon KnightHave at least 300,000 HonorPDEF/MDEF +125
Sky Dragon KnightHave at least 360,000 HonorPATK/MATK +220
Imperial Mythic Dragon EarlHave at least 450,000 HonorPDEF/MDEF +190
Most Honorable#1 Honor RankingsPDEF/MDEF +190
Honor GuardTop 10 in Honor RankingsCrit/Block +65
Sylph's GuardianSame sylph that has 6 orange quality Sylph Equipment equipedHP +880
Sylph ProtectorSame sylph that has 6 purple quality Sylph Equipment equipedHP +450
God of SylphPossesses 3 Legenedary SylphsHP +880


Arena Challenge

The Champ#1 in Arena RankingsCrit/Block +95
Arena Top 10Top 10 in Arena RankingsCrit/Block +65
Prize FighterAccumulated 1000 Arena winsHP +340
ExecutionerAccumulated 1000 Battleground killsHP +340
Grim ReaperAccumulated 10000 Battleground killsPDEF/MDEF +190
Road WarriorTop 20 in Cross-Server PvP RankingsHP +340
Eagle EyeThe battle of the gods stiker set firstHP +670
Sylph OverlordRank #1 in Sylph ArenaPATK/MATK +150
Sylph RulerRank #2 in Sylph ArenaPATK/MATK +150
Sylph TrainerRank #3 in Sylph ArenaPATK/MATK +150
King of SylphRank #1 in Sylph BRCrit/Block +95
Mech MasterPaticipate in the Tank Trials 10 timesHP +120
Battle VictorWin 3 times in Battleground consecutivelyPATK/MATK +80
Titan GodTitan Warr - 1st PlaceHP +880
Titan KingTitan Warr - 2nd PlaceHP +670
Titan LordTitan Warr - 3rd PlaceHP +450


Dungeon Challenge

SpelunkerCleared LV. 100 of the Forgotten CatacombsPATK/MATK +40
ExorcistCleared LV. 30 of the Tormented NecropolisCrit/Block +95
Spire GodPass the SpireCrit/Block +95
Dark Dragon SurviverClear Floor 5 of Dragon InvasionPDEF/MDEF +65
Elemental ConquererClear Elemental Forest (Nightmare)HP +340



Balenor's No.1 Guild MasterGuild master of the Guild Battle's winning guildPDEF/MDEF +125
Guild GuardianObtained 10 first place victories in the Guild BattlePDEF/MDEF +125
Love Thy GuildGuild Contirbution of more than 100,000HP +120
Most Popular Lord#1 in Charm RankingsHP +450
Smooth OperatorTop 10 in Charm RankingsPDEF/MDEF +95
Master Equestrian#1 in Mount Strength RankingsHP +450
EquestrianTop 10 in Mount Strength RankingsPDEF/MDEF +95
Surreal SituationHas both Magpie's Shadow and Tanabata TeaserPATK/MATK +40
Boss TerminatorAn ultimate strike to the World BossHP +340
Radiant BeautyObtain item 'Stunning Rose'PATK/MATK +40
World FamousObtain item 'glory bedge'HP +120
TempleTemple TitlePATK/MATK +95
Goddes KnightMedia event unique titlePATK/MATK +95
Glamor goddessHoolai community events unique titleHP +230 (30 days)
Super LoverHoolai community events unique titlePATK/MATK +40
(30 days)
Sylph PredatorDefeat 1000 monsters at Sylph AtollHP +120
Hero for LifeClear all the nightmare dungeons in the Hall of Heroes with an A assessment or betterPDEF/MDEF +65
Sylph MasterOwn a Legendary (orange quality) SylphPATK/MATK +80
Master LandscaperExterminate 100 times and weed 100 timesHP +120
Sylph Atoll DefenderPlace 1st in the team point rankings in the Defend Sylph Atoll eventHP +880 (1 day)
Fashion IdolPrepare a Stage 10 ClothingHP +6000, PATK/MATK +1200
Fashion AmbassadorPrepare a Stage 11 ClothingHP +9000, PATK/MATK +1800
Fashion GodPrepare a Stage 12 ChothingHP +15000, PATK/MATK +3000
Imperial MarshallReached Rank 8 Mythic Dragon MedallionMATK/PATK/MDEF/PDEF +1000, HP +5000
Imperial ExecutionerReached Rank 9 Mythic Dragon MedallionMATK/PATK/MDEF/PDEF +5000, HP +25000
Imperial JudgeReached Rank 10 Mythic Dragon MedallionMATK/PATK/MDEF/PDEF +10000, HP +50000
CourtesanSpecial titleHP +1200

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    Titles have stats bonuses which accumulate as you earn more titles. These bonuses are applied in total, regardless of which title you choose to display. These title are categorized into Growth, Arena Challenge, Dungeon Challenge, and Others. Check more detail here!
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