Clothing is a system that allows you to customize your character's appearance with hundreds of different combinations. Clothing not only looks cool but also helps to make your character better. Clothing can be obtained in events or purchased from the shop for 298 Balens each; Wing cost 1598 Balens. There are 4 different types of clothing: Armor, Hat, Weapon and Wings.

Rage Points Bonuses

1+5 Rage Points+5 Rage Points+5 Rage Points
2+7 Rage Points+7 Rage Points+7 Rage Points
3+9 Rage Points+9 Rage Points+9 Rage Points
4+11 Rage Points+11 Rage Points+11 Rage Points
5+13 Rage Points+13 Rage Points+13 Rage Points
6+15 Rage Points+15 Rage Points+15 Rage Points
7+17 Rage Points+17 Rage Points+17 Rage Points
8+21 Rage Points+21 Rage Points+21 Rage Points
9+25 Rage Points+25 Rage Points+25 Rage Points
10+28 Rage Points+28 Rage Points+28 Rage Points
11 +31 Rage Points +31 Rage Points +31 Rage Points
12 +?? Rage Points +?? Rage Points +?? Rage Points


Wing Bonuses

PATK %2333444566
MATK %2333444566
PDEF %2233344567
MDEF %2233344567
HP %2223334567


Clothing Identify and Activation

Activate and Identify your clothing to get bonuses attributes. Identify required Fashion Core by clothing stat:

  1. S: 10 Fashion Cores
  2. A: 4 Fashion Cores
  3. B: 3 Fashion Cores
  4. C: 2 Fashion Cores
  5. D: 1 Fashion Core
ClothingIdentify BonusesActivation Bonuses
HatINT +100INT +40INT +30INT +10INT +10INT +10INT +10INT +5INT +5INT +5
ArmorDEF +100DEF +40DEF +30DEF +10DEF +10DEF +10DEF +10DEF +5DEF +5DEF +5
WeaponSTR +100STR +40STR +30STR +10STR +10STR +10STR +10STR +5STR +5STR +5
WingsEND +100END +100END +30 END +10END +10END +10END +10END +5END +5END +5

Note: (INT=Intellect, DEF=Defend, STR=Strength, END=Endurance)

Clothing Synthesis


This is the way to upgrade your clothing level. Consume 2 clothing at the same level with the Good Luck Charm (Ex: Lv.3 Weapon and Lv. 3 Weapon) the success rate will become Excellent, which is highest. You can only synthesis items only in the same category, Hat with Hat or Wings with Wings.

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