Class Advancement

Class Advancement

Class Advancement had been added to Wartune: Hall of Heroes on version 5.1. Player will be able to advance their class to higher level via Class Advancement.

Once player reaches level 80 and unlock Dragon Soul system, the player will receive the Class Advacement Main Quest.

Dragon King Abyss

Class Advancement Quest I: Go to "Dragon King Abyss" and defeat Hillis. (Note: "Dragon King Abyss" cannot be entered via campaign and can only be accessed through the Quest Guide on the left of the screen. Players can only access the campaign when they are in Cloud City or Main City).

There are 5 bosses in the Campaign with the one boss in the middle as the main boss. Players need to defeat 4 bosses around to unlock the chain before fighting the main boss. Players must defeat all bosses to complete the quest.


Class Advancement Quest II: After completing the "Dragon King Abyss", player need to talk to NPC "Brad" locating in Cloud City to complete Class Advancement Quest II.


Class Advancement Quest III: Raise Dragon Soul become "Legendary Dragon Soul" and talk to NPC "Brad" to complete the Class Advancement Quest III. This will be the end of all Class Advancement Quest.


System that unlock after acheived Class Advancement

Battle Protection

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  • Class Advancement

    Class Advancement

    Date : 2018-11-01 By : Panha
    Player your can unlock Class Advancement after they reach level 80 and complete the requirement of Class Advancement; require level 80 and Dragons Soul reach Legendary. Check more detail here!
  • Battle Protection

    Battle Protection

    Date : 2018-10-31 By : Panha
    Battle Protection targets RES to lower the damage received. There are total 6 types; Fire, Water, Electro, Wind, Light, and Dark.
  • Wheel of Fate

    Wheel of Fate

    Date : 2018-10-31 By : Panha
    Wheel of Fate contain Brutal Edge and Influence that give players stat bonuses. Higher level of Brutal Edge and Influence you have, more stat bonuses you get.
  • Soul Engraving

    Soul Engraving

    Date : 2018-10-31 By : Panha
    Upgrade your Soul Engraving level to improving the stat boost from socketed gems. Check more info about Soul Engraving Here!
  • Runes


    Date : 2018-10-30 By : Panha
    Runes are a type of battle skill and unlocked when players reached level 35. In battle, the two rune slots are placed on the left side next to the HP bar.
  • Clothing


    Date : 2018-10-25 By : Panha
    Clothing is a system that allows you to customize your character's appearance with hundreds of different combinations. Clothing not only looks cool but also helps to make your character better. Check more detail here!
  • Dragon Soul

    Dragon Soul

    Date : 2018-10-25 By : Panha
    Dragon Soul increase player's PATK, MATK, PDEF, MDEF, Block, Crit and HP. It's unlocked once players reach level 40 and completing Main Quest, Path to Power. Player's attributes can be increased through upgrading the Dragon Soul.
  • Astral


    Date : 2018-10-17 By : Panha
    Astral give amazing state bonuses to heroes and make them become stronger. Higher astral level, stronger your heroes. Check more detail about Wartune: Hall of Heroes Here!
  • Title


    Date : 2018-10-04 By : Panha
    Titles have stats bonuses which accumulate as you earn more titles. These bonuses are applied in total, regardless of which title you choose to display. These title are categorized into Growth, Arena Challenge, Dungeon Challenge, and Others. Check more detail here!
  • Talent


    Date : 2018-10-04 By : Panha
    Talents can add passive upgrades to your class's existing abilities. Player must spend both gold and experience points to upgrade talents. Holy Seal is an active talents and will be automatically added to their toolbar once the Talents interface is available.


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