Invocation is a way to add additional stat to equipment. Stats will get is depending on the levels; basic, intermediate, advanced, master, virtuoso. With higher level comes greater bonuses.

Function Description:

  1. Any piece of equipment can be increased regardless of quality and level.
  2. Only equipped equipment can be invocated.
  3. Invocation doesn't cost gold, Balens, or bound Balens, and the success rate is 100%.
  4. Basic and intermediate invocations are available at the beginning. Invocations formulas are needed to unlock advanced, master, and virtuoso invocations. Each formula corresponds to a specific equipment slot.
  5. Advanced formulas are acquired from the Mystery Shop; Master formulas are acquired from the Crypt Shop; Virtuoso formulas are acquired from events.
  6. Invocation properties are randomly chosen from a certain scope.
  7. New invocation will replace the old one.
  8. Invocation materials are acquired from gathering events in the Guild Mine.

Invocation Additional Stats:

  • Weapon
    • Penetration: Chance to ignore (%) DEF in ervery attack
    • HP Bleed: Chance to absorb (...) HP in every attack.
  • Armor
    • All Stas: +(...) Strength, Edurance, Intellect, Armor
    • Rebound: Chance to rebound (...) damage when being attacked.
  • Brooch: 
    • HP: +(...) HP
  • Head: 
    • Strength: Increases PATK by (...) reduces chance to receive Crit by (%)
    • Vitality: Increases MATK by (...) reduces chance to receive Crit by (%)
    • Slay: Increases PATK by (...), Crit damage by (%)
    • Smash: Increases MATK by (...), Crit damage by (%)
  • Ring:
    • All Resistance: All resistance +(...)
  • Jewelry:
    • RES Reduction: Increase (...) RES Reduction.


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