Enchantment is a simple way to improve your equipment strength. It is unlocked once player reach level 10. Enchantment costs Golds depend on your equipment type and rarity. Luck Stones is very important to increase success rate during enchanting. 

Each upgrade is more expensive than the last. The costs depends on the level of the item and it's rarity. The following tables gives an overview of enchantment success rates and costs.

LevelSuccess Rate


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  • Holy Forge

    Holy Forge

    Date : 2018-11-01 By : Panha
    The Holy Forge function is unlocked when player complete Class Advancement. Only level 80 and above equipment can do the Holy Forge.
  • Heritage


    Date : 2018-11-01 By : Panha
    Heritage can save and extract your Invocation properties for reuse. Up to 4 Invocation properties can be saved for each equipment slot.
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    Invocation includes following levels: basic, intermediate, advanced, master, and virtuoso. With the higher level comes greater bonuses;
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    Convert unused Gems or Resistance Crystal to any type with conversion. Success rate of conversion is 100% but uses an amount of Gold.
  • Recycle


    Date : 2018-11-01 By : Panha
    Obtain refinement Crystal by recycling equipment. Recycle mount cards for Mount spirit; recycle clothing for Fashion Shards; recycle unbound items for unbound materials.
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    Date : 2018-11-01 By : Panha
    Refinement will reset all attributes for a piece of equipment. Any new stats produced through refinement must be swapped in to fully take effect.
  • Synthesize


    Date : 2018-11-01 By : Panha
    Take items you have already collected to synthesize them into better items. All synthesized items are bound.
  • Socket


    Date : 2018-11-01 By : Panha
    You can Socket gems into your equipment to increase equipment stats. Socketing will cause unbound items to become bound.
  • Enchant


    Date : 2018-11-01 By : Panha
    Enchantment provides significant boosts to equipment stats. The process of Enchantment costs Gold and success rate depends on target level.


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