World boss

World Boss

Event Time: Daily 12:30 am. - 1:30 pm. and 9:30 pm. - 10:30 pm. (Server time)

Event Description: Challenge the World Boss to receive large amount of Gold! The more damage you deal to the Boss, the more Gold and Daru you can earn. The Rewards are waiting for you!

Event Rules

  1. Each time you deal damage to a Boss you will be rewarded with Gold and Daru! More damage - more loot!
  2. Your will not lose health or troops during the battle.
  3. Stand-ins are not eligible for these prizes. 


There are 3 rewards for player who participate in the fights against the World Boss.

  • Lucku StrikePrize

Awarded to the player who deals the final hit on Boss. The prize varies based on World Boss total health. Player who never get this prize will get a Title (Boss Terminator). An announcement will be broadcasted to the entire server as to who achieved the final hit.

  • Apollo's Prize

Awarded to the top 10 damage dealers per class

  1. 300,000 Gold and Daru for finishing 1st
  2. 270,000 Gold and Daru for finishing 2nd
  3. 240,000 Gold and Daru for finishing 3rd
  4. 180,000 Gold and Daru for finishing between 4th to 10th
  • Warrior's Prize

Awarded for doing a certain amount of damage to the boss. Prize triggers and rewards differ from server to server. Some offer prizes for 3%, 5%, and 8%, other only for 1%.

Amethyst mine

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    Challenge the World Boss to receive large amount of Gold! The more damage you deal to the Boss, the more Gold and Daru you can earn. The Rewards are waiting for you!


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