Tank Trials

Tank Trials

Tank system unlocked when player reach level 35, and it allows players to participate in Tank Trials events.


About the Trials

  1. Participate in the Tank Trials to earn tank EXP and other rewards.
  2. As your tank level increases, you will not only increase your current tank's attribute boosts, but also unlock new tanks.
  3. You can use any tank unlocked in the Tank Trials.

About the Trials

  1. Event time: Every day from 10:30 - 10:45 and 22:30 - 22:45 (server time)
  2. Players can join 2 times per day.
  3. Players can create a party of max. 4 to join the event, or play as a single-user in the event.
  4. When the game starts, all players will have a random starting point with a 10-second protection period, during which any movement or operations will void this protection.
  5. During the game, many tools and items will be randomly available on the map, which can significantly improve a tank's ability.
  6. The system will revive all dead tanks at regular intervals. Players can move dead tanks, but they cannot get any tools or attack others anymore.
  7. When the score difference reaches 5,000 points or the remaining players are all on the same party, the event will be over.


There are 4 Tanks available in Tanks system. First tank is unlocked when player reach level 35 and others will unlock when the Tanks level reach the requirement level.

TanksTank StatsPassive Skill
Turbo Turret
  • HP +5000
  • Attack +100
  • Defense +50
  • Movement Speed +7
  • HP Bleed: When attacking, 10% chance to restore HP by an amount equivalent to 50% damage dealt.
  • HP +6000
  • Attack +150
  • Defense +50
  • Movement Speed +8
  • Gouge: When attacking, 10% chance to deal an extra 50% damage.
  • HP +6500
  • Attack +170
  • Defense +60
  • Movement Speed +8
  • Froze: 10% chance of stunning target for 3 seconds while attacking.
  • HP +7000
  • Attack +190
  • Defense +60
  • Movement Speed +8
  • Froze: 10% chance of stunning target for 3 seconds while attacking.


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