Defend sylph atoll

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Defend Sylph Atoll


Event Time: Daily from 13:30 - 13:50 and 22:30 - 22: 50 (Server Time)

Event Description: Defend Sylph Atoll event is open twice daily for 20 minutes each time; you need a party to participate, the first ranked party will obtain large amounts of Gold, rich rewards and exclusive Title, while other parties will receive lots of Gold and Sylph Cystalloids according to their ranking and damage percentage.

Event Rules:

  1. BOSS in Defend Sylph Atoll is a world BOSS with a high difficulty level. It is recommended that players form a 4 people party to challenge it.
  2. Once you enter BOSS battle as a party, the party will be named after the leader. If the leader is changed, the name will be updated with the new leader's name during the next sync.
  3. When players enter the battle, the Awakening Points is at full. Combat does not consume any Awakening Points.
  4. After the combat, the score received is caculated based on the sum of damage dealt by all party members; parties are ranked by their scores, or the total BR if the scores are the same. When the combat ends, the rewards will be issued based on the score ranking and damage percentage. Each member in the party receives the same reward.
  5. Any individaul quitting the party will have his or her personal score reset to 0 while the total score for the party remains unchanged.
  6. If the number of participants in the events is 40, there will be luck rewards issued in additional to the regular rewards.
  7. If the party loses the combat, the party will be resurrected together at the teleport point on the current floor of the Sylph Atoll for 10 Second. They may neither use Balen resurrection nor join the battle immediately.


  1. 1st rank rewards: Sylph Crystalloid x50, Mount Training Whip x10, Bound Balen x15 and exclusive Title : Sylph Atoll Defender
  2. 2nd rank rewards: Sylph Crystalloid x35, Mount Training Whip x5, Bound Balen x8
  3. 3rd rank rewards: Sylph Crystalloid x25, Mount Training Whip x2
  4. 4th - 10th rank rewards: Sylph Crystalloid x15
  5. 11th - 200th rank rewards: Sylph Crystalloid x5
  6. Damage Degree rewards: parties that dealt 6% damage to the boss can get Mount Training Whip x10, Sylph Sepulcrum x10; parties that dealt 9% damage to the boss can get Mount Training Whip x15, Sylph Sepulcrum x15; parties that dealt 12% damage to the boss can get Mount Traning Whip x20, Sylph Sepulcrum x20.

Exchange Sylph Crystalloid: Sylph Crystalloid can be exchanged in Cloud City with NPC named "Alice"

ItemsSylph Crystalloid Cost
Big Bag of Gold
LV.3 Daru Pearl
Soul Crystal Pack
Heaven Horn
Divinity Shards
Gentle Beast Card