Bounty Quests

Bounty Hall


Bounty Hall is a place that players can get additional EXP and Golds by completing Bounty Quests. Bounty Quests are separated into different levels represented by 5 colors: White, Green, Blue, Purple and Orange. Higher-level quests bring greater rewards. Using Bounty Scroll to get higher level quests.

Bounty Quests automatically reset every 30 minutes or can be reset using Balens. Two free resets are allowed per day. Only 1 Bounty Quest can be accepted at a time: max 10 quests per day and will reset daily at 5am (server time).

Rewards by color:

  • White: EXP 80,000; Gold 3,200
  • Green: EXP 160,000; Gold 6,400
  • Blue: EXP 240,000; Gold 9,600
  • Purple: EXP 320,000; Gold 12,800
  • Orange: EXP 400,000; Gold 20,000


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