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BattlegroundAttempts: 2 (daily)

Event Time: Daily between 6:00 a.m. - 2:25 a.m. (server time)

Event Description: Battlegrounds are open at the beginning of every hour for 30 minutes. You can enter 5 minutes before opening. Participate in battles and be rewarded with insignia and Honor!

Event Rules:

  1. The cross-server battleground is grouped by levels of 10. Players of various levels will enter battlegrounds and fight against players on other servers.
  2. Each battleground can hold a maximum of 30 players. Players will be randomly assigned to one of two teams.
  3. If one team's lead reaches 5,000 the event will end.
  4. Earn points for you and your team by transpoting resources and defeating enemy troops or guards.
  5. The team with the most points at the end will be declared the winner!
  6. Each player has 2 attempts to retrieve battleground rewards which reset daily at 5:00 a.m.
  7. Thoses who fight in the Battlegrounds earn Honor; check the character panel to view your accumulated Honor!

Event Rewards:

  • Players defeating players of the other team will gain Honor and Cross-Server PvP Points according to their Honor level. Player can gain extra Honor by killing players with a killing streak. The amount of honor gained from a kill can vary depending on how nuch honor the person you killed has compared to the amount of honor you have.
  • Players defeating Guardians of the other team will gain 20 Honor and 200 Faction Points for every guardian defeated.
    • Losing to a Guardian will cost 150 Honor (after Crusader rank) and 150 Faction Points.
  • During event you can collect crystal ore located in the middle of the battleground and turn them in to your Resource Quarry Officer. While traveling with a crystal ore mine cart, players will have their movement speed reduced by 50%. There are three kinds of crystal:
    • Interior will give you 10 points, 1 Battleground Treasure Shard, and 1 Honor.
    • Interior will give you 20 points, 2 Battleground Treasure Shard, and 2 Honor.
    • Interior will give you 30 points, 3 Battleground Treasure Shard, and 3 Honor.


  • Winning team's players will receive 90 Hornor and 80 Insignia while the losing team's players will recieve 30 Honor and 30 Insignia.