Amethyst mine

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Amethyst Mine


Event Time: Daily at 21:00-21:30 (Server time)

Mine Cart(s): 2/day

Event Description: You may obtain rare amethyst is the amethyst mine through mining and PvP play to trade for scare resources and mounts. During event you can claim advanced Mine Carts and submit them to receive double revenue. Submitting an advanced Mine Cart outside the event time will not receive gain bonus.

Event Rules:

  1. Amethyst mine Lv. 25 is activated and the entrance is at Cloud City.
  2. The Amethyst mine consists of a novice player zone and an advanced player zone; Lv. 25 - 39 is the novice player zone and Lv. 40 and above is the advanced player zone. Each mine can accommodate 30 people at most.
  3. Everyone can claim the minecart twice per day. If the player exits the Amethyst mine after claiming the minecart, the info on the minecart is retained, and the number of claims and info on the minecart are reset at 5:00 next day.
  4. Each minecart may mine a maximum of 5 time and 20 amethysts each time per person. The resource limit of each minecart is 200, players may obtain more amethysts by plundering others.
  5. All players have a minimum cap of 60 amethysts. Once it is reached, the player will not lose the amethyst if plunedered; and the player plundering a player with the minimum number of amethysts will not receive any amethysts.

Amethyst Mine Shop

RewardContentCost (Amethyst)
Big bag of Gold
500,000 Gold200
Big bag of Kyanites
10,000 Kyanites200
Adv. Mount Training Whip Pack
100 Mount Training Whip1800
Fate Stone Chest
15 Fate Stone1000
Rockstar Leopard Card
Mount Stable Strength +30020,000