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    • Guild Altar

      Guild Altar

      Date : 2018-12-01 By : Panha
      Contribute the guild to get Contribution Points to spin in Guild Altar for valuable rewards. Check out info about rewards here!
    • Mount Stable Upgrade

      Mount Stable Upgrade

      Date : 2018-11-07 By : Panha
      Upgrade your normal and advance mount stable to get bonuses attributes; STR, INT, END, and DEF. Mount Training Whip and Golden Whip are required for upgrading.
    • Mount Refine

      Mount Refine

      Date : 2018-11-07 By : Panha
      Refine mounts for attribute bonuses. Mount Hoof is required for mount refining. Balens cannot be used to refine.
    • Bounty Quests

      Bounty Quests

      Date : 2018-11-05 By : Panha
      There are daily 10 quests in Bounty Quests. You will get big amount of EXP and Gold depend on the quest color; White, Green, Blue, Purple and Orange.
    • Multiplayer Dungeon

      Multiplayer Dungeon

      Date : 2018-11-02 By : Panha
      Join Multiplayer Dungeons with other players to get big amount of EXP and special items. Check out more detail in here!