Scar H Assault Rifle Stats Attachments & Crafting Tree

Find Scar H assault rifle stats, best attachments, crafting tree, and learn about Scar H attachments build here with in-depth explanation of the best Scar H builds.

Scar H Overview

Scar H Stats Attachments & Crafting Tree Super People - zilliongamer

Scar H is a fully automatic Assault Rifle that use 7.62mm ammo. Scar H can deal high damage, good accuracy, fast fire rate and has high recoil. Scar H can deal very high damage but the recoil is hard to control.

Scar H Stats

Scar H stats from Common to Mythical without any attachment and upgrade.

Scar HStats








Fire Rate:650

Best Scar H Attachments Build

Scar H is an assault rifle that needs 4 attachments slots such as: Muzzle, Foregrip, Magazine, and Scope.

Full attachments Scar H is very powerful and the recoil is hard to control when firing short at medium range.

Attachments that should be prioritized when building your Scar H are Muzzle and Foregrip. It will mainly reduce the recoil and stability of the gun while firing.

Here is our recommendation on building the best Scar H attachments in Super People:


Muzzle Compensator Super People - zilliongamer

Compensator (AR,DMR)


Forge Grip Vertical Grip Super People - zilliongamer

Vertical Grip


Magazine Extended Magazine Super People - zilliongamer

Extended Magazine (AR,DMR)


Scope Red Dot Super People - zilliongamer

Red Dot Sight

You can't go wrong with this build, the attachments maximize and empower Scar H to another level with the attachments. Here is a detailed explanation of the build.

Muzzle: Attach Compensator (AR) with your Scar H will help to reduce tons of barrel recoil.

Foregrip: Second best attachment to build on Scar H is Vertical Grip, the item tightly improves Vertical recoil.

Magazine: Extended Magazine (AR,DMR) is the best magazine attachment for Scar H that you can build, this allows you to add extra ammunition into the mag.

Scope: Having Red Dot Sight on Scar H helps increase ADS speed makes the gun scope in even quicker before. If your want to use Scar H as a mid-distance gun you can swap between 4x scope or 6x scope (digital scope) since it got better magnification.

Scar H Crafting Tree

Scar H Crafting Tree Super People - zilliongamer

To get Heroic Scar H you need to Craft Rare Scar H with High Circuit Board, to get Circuit Board you need to craft Gold Bar with Memory Chip.

To get Rare Scar H you need to craft Advanced Scar H with Blueprint.

To get Advanced Scar H you need to craft Uncommon Scar H with Heroic Repair Kit.

To get Uncommon Scar H craft Common Scar H with Iron Ore.

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