R870 Shotgun Stats Attachments & Crafting Tree

Find R870 shotgun stats, best attachments, crafting tree, and learn about R870 attachments build here with in-depth explanation of the best R870 builds.

R870 Overview

R870 Stats Attachments & Crafting Tree - zilliongamer

R870 is a shotgun that can deal low damage, good accuracy, very slow fire rate and high recoil. R870 can deal high damage in close range and it took very long time to reload, pick this gun in early game when enemy loot close to you.

R870 Stats

R870 stats from Common to Mythical without any attachment and upgrade.









Fire Rate:65

Best R870 Attachments Build

R870 is a shotgun that need only 2 attachments slots: Muzzle and Stock.

Full attachments R870 is a powerful gun to fight in close-range combat and also good for defense situations.

Attachment that should be prioritized when building R870 is Muzzle. It will mainly reduce recoil and stability make the gun less recoil when fire.

Here is our recommendation on building the best R870 in Super People:


Muzzle Compensator Super People - zilliongamer

Choke (SG)


Cartridge Belt SG Super People - zilliongamer

Cartridge Belt (SG)

You can't go wrong with this build, the attachments maximize and empower R870 to another level with the attachments. Here is a detailed explanation of the build.

Muzzle: Attach Choke with your R870 will help to increases tons of pellets spread tightness.

Stock: Having SG Cartridge Belt on R870 help increased reloading speed and reduce more recoil gun weight.

R870 Crafting Tree

R870 Crafting Tree Super People - zilliongamer

To get Heroic R870 you need to Craft Rare R870 with Trigger, to get Trigger you need to craft Heroic repair kit with Steel.

To get Rare R870 you need to craft Advanced R870 with Drill.

To get Advanced R870 you need to craft uncommon R870 with Shell Casings.

To get Uncommon R870 you need to craft Common R870 with Gunpowder.

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