MP5SD Submachine gun Stats Attachments & Crafting Tree

Find MP5SD Submachine gun stats, best attachments, crafting tree, and learn about MP5SD attachments build here with in-depth explanation of the best MP5SD builds.

MP5SD Overview

UMP5SD Stats Attachments & Crafting Tree - zilliongamer

MP5SD is a fully automatic Submachine gun with decent damage, good accuracy, fast fire rate and low recoil. MP5SD every good this weapon doesn't need a lot of attachment like other Submachine Gun and the recoil is every easy to control. 

MP5SD Stats

MP5SD stats from Common to Mythical without any attachment and upgrade.









Fire Rate:800

Best MP5SD Attachments Build

MP5SD is a submachine gun that only needs 2 attachments slots such as: Magazine, and Scope.

Full attachments MP5SD is very good at close range and the recoil is easy to control when firing shot to close range.

Attachments that should be prioritized when building your MP5SD are Magazine. It will mainly increases ammunition into the mag.

Here is our recommendation on building the best MP5SD attachments in Super People:


Magazine Extended Mag SMG People - zilliongamer

Extended Magazine (SMG)


Scope Red Dot Super People - zilliongamer

Red Dot Sight

You can't go wrong with this build, the attachments maximize MP5SD to another level with the attachments. Here is a detailed explanation of the build.

Magazine: Extended Magazine (SMG) is the best magazine attachment for MP5SD that you can build, this allows you to add extra ammunition into the mag Extended Magazine is the first prioritize because MP5SD has very fast fire rate you can empty mag in just 4 seconds.

Scope: Having Red Dot Sight on MP5SD helps increase ADS speed makes the gun scope in even quicker before.

MP5SD Crafting Tree

MP5SD Crafting Tree Super People - zilliongamer

To get Heroic MP5SD you need to Craft Rare MP5SD with Lens, to get Lens you need to craft Heroic Repair kit with Magnifying glass.

To get Rare MP5SD you need to craft Advanced MP5SD with Ammunition.

To get Advanced MP5SD you need to craft uncommon MP5SD with Gear.

To get Uncommon MP5SD craft Common MP5SD with Bolt.

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