AKM Assault Rifle Stats Attachments & Crafting Tree

Find AKM assault rifle stats, best attachments, crafting tree, and learn about AKM attachments build here with in-depth explanation of the best AKM builds.

AKM Overview

AKM Stats Attachments & Crafting Tree - zilliongamer

AKM is a fully automatic Assault Rifle that can deal very high damage, good accuracy, low fire rate and high recoil.

AKM Stats

AKM stats from Common to Mythical without any attachment and upgrade.









Fire Rate:600

Best AKM Attachments Build

AKM is an assault rifle that need only 3 attachments slots such as: Muzzle, Magazine, and Scope.

Full attachments AKM is very powerful and the recoil is a bit hard to control when firing short to medium range.

Attachments that should be prioritized when building your AKM are Muzzle. It will mainly reduce the recoil while firing.

Here is our recommendation on building the best AKM attachments in Super People:


Muzzle Compensator Super People - zilliongamer

Compensator (AR,DMR)


Magazine Extended Magazine Super People - zilliongamer

Extended Magazine (AR,DMR)


Scope Red Dot Super People - zilliongamer

Red Dot Sight

You can't go wrong with this build, the attachments maximize and empower AKM to another level with the attachments. Here is a detailed explanation of the build.

Muzzle: Attach Compensator with your AKM will help to reduce tons of recoil.

Magazine: Extended Magazine (AR,DMR) is the best magazine attachment for AKM that you can build, this allows you to add extra ammunition into the mag.

Scope: Having Red Dot Sight on AKM helps increase ADS speed makes the gun scope in even quicker before. If your want to use AKM as a mid-distance gun you can swap between 2x scope since it got better magnification.

Crafting Tree

AKM Crafting Tree Super People - zilliongamer

To get Heroic AKM you need to Craft Rare AKM with Trigger, to get Trigger you need to craft Heroic Repair kit with Steel.

To get Rare AKM you need to craft Advanced AKM with Upgrade Blueprint.

To get Advanced AKM you need to craft uncommon AKM with Bolt.

To get Uncommon AKM craft Common AKM with Iron Ore.

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