All Playable Characters in Star Wars: Hunters Soft Launch Version

Star Wars: Hunters created by Zygna is now launching Soft launch version for India, Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Find all playable characters in the soft launch version here.

What is Star Wars: Hunters Character?

Characters or in-game term (Hunters) is the main focus of Star Wars: Hunters. Each player require to choose 1 Hunter before starting the game and play with it till match end.

Each Character have their own Weapon, Passive, Ultimate, and 3 Abilities to dictate the game phase with your playstyle.

In the current soft launch version there are 3 Hunters Classes such as: Damage, Support, and Tank.

List of Characters in Star Wars: Hunters Soft Launch

In Soft launch version of Star Wars: Hunters there are 8 characters that are playable such:

  1. Imara Vex.
  2. Rieve.
  3. J-3DI.
  4. Sentinel.
  5. Utooni.
  6. Zaina.
  7. Grozz.
  8. Slingshot.

Find summary of class, weapon, and difficulty of all characters in Star Wars: Hunters down below.

We won't be getting into stats and other detail because this is just an early version of the game, think will change.

Imara Vex

Star Wars: Hunters Imara Vex character - zilliongamer

Let start with Imara Vex, this Hunter is in damage class that use Blaster Rifle as a weapon and specialize dealing damage at long distance.

Imara Vex abilities focus on dealing damage and retreat or charge ahead mechanism with the passive name Enhanced Targeting and Seeker Salvo ultimate.

Imara Vex is an easy character to master in SW: Hunters, you mainly focus is to output as much damage as you can to the enemy from long range.

Imara Vex Abilities & Loadout


Star Wars: Hunters Rieve character - zilliongamer

Second Hunter is name Rieve, this character is in damage class that use Lightsaber as a weapon and she specialize in close quarter melee damage dealing.

Rieve abilities focus on boosting her mobility while still maintaining the high damage per second (DPS) with the passive name of Wild Defence, and Crushing Will ultimate.

Rieve is a complicate character to master, her abilities require proper combos to maximize the damage and kill the enemy faster.

Rieve Abilities & Loadout


Star Wars: Hunters J-3DI character - zilliongamer

Third character in Star Wars: Hunters is J-3DI, this character is in damage class that also use Lightsaber as a weapon. J-3DI is a character that have high damage and great crowd control during team fight.

J-3DI abilities focus dealing damage toward a single enemy and disable any enemy when it land the ability with the passive name of Spare Parts, and Whrilwind.

J-3DI is a fun and moderate character to master, once you know how the combo work you will have even more fun.

J-3DI Abilities & Loadout


Star Wars: Hunters Sentinel character - zilliongamer

The fourth character is name Sentinel, this Hunter is in damage class that use E-Web Heavy Repeater as a weapon. Sentinel is a character that have very high damage and great for long range.

Sentinel character is similar to Imara vex, the abilities are focusing on dealing long range damage plus defending it own team.

Sentinel an easy character to master, you just need to have a good aim and good positioning around the map.

Sentinel Abilities & Loadout


Star Wars: Hunters Utooni character - zilliongamer

The fifth Hunter name is Utooni, this character is in damage class that use Arc Caster or Pulse Blaster as a weapon. Utooni is a character that highly focus on crowd control and great for long range combat.

Utooni abilities is focus on disabled enemies in team fight and isolate them from their team.

Utooni is a pretty complicated character to master, this Hunter will require you a bit of time to get used to it.

Utooni Abilities & Loadout


Star Wars: Hunters Zaina character - zilliongamer

The sixed character in Star Wars: Hunters is Zaina, this hunter is in Support class that use Blaster pistol as a weapon. Zaina is a character that highly focus on healing her teammate with great mobility.

Zaina abilities is focus on strengthen the whole team health to sustain during teamfight.

Zaina is a pretty moderate character to master which require high awareness, precise timing, and selfless in teamfight.

Zaina Abilities & Loadout


Star Wars: Hunters Grozz character - zilliongamer

The seventh character in Star Wars: Hunters is Grozz, this hunter is in Tank class that use Improvised clubs as a weapon. Grozz is a hunter that highly focus on tanking the damage from enemies.

Grozz abilities focusing on disable enemies damage dealer and protect the teammate from receiving damage.

Grozz is a fun character to master, your main priority is to protect your damage dealer.

Grozz Abilities & Loadout


Star Wars: Hunters Slingshot character - zilliongamer

The eighth character is Slingshot, this hunter is also in Tank class that use Twin Blaster cannons as a weapon. Slingshot is a hunter that is well-balanced in toughness, mobility, and range.

Slingshot abilities is focusing on disable and protect enemies damage dealer.

Slingshot is a moderate character to master with the main priority of protecting your own damage dealer while focus on dealing damage yourself.

Slingshot Abilities & Loadout


In conclusion, Star Wars: Hunters is still in a new a soft launch phase, some in-depth detail will change once the game come out so we decide to let you in a short summary of each character, what weapon they use, and their passive with ultimate name.

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