Zaina Weapon, Abilities, & Loadout

Zaina is a playable character in Star Wars: Hunters. Find Zaina weapon, abilities, and loadout in-depth detail here.

Zaina Overview

Star Wars: Hunters Zaina character - zilliongamer

Zaina is in class that specialize as a Supporter and Healer with single shot weapon. This character is very essential to provide strength and health for the team and it is fairly easy to master.

Zaina Weapon

Zaina use Blaster Pistol as weapon, the Blaster weapon is a single shot pistol that have decent fire rate but it deal very high damage.

Star Wars: Hunters Zaina Weapon: Blaster Pistol - zilliongamer

The Blaster pistol has medium rate of fire dealing 20 damage to the body and 40 damage to the head. It usually take 5 shots to the body or 9 shots to the head to eliminate an enemy.

Zaina Passive

Zaina Passive: Augmented Leap | Star Wars: HuntersAugmented LeapYour prosthetic legs allow you to reach higher ledges and jump to them from further away.

The passive allows Zaina to jump up to a high levels that other character can't.

Zaina Ultimate

Zaina Ultimate: Rallying Cry | Star Wars: HuntersRallying CryLet out a defiant yell, giving allies in range a significant amount of temporary health.

When using Zaina Ultimate you can heal the whole team with a high amount of health for a short period of time.

Zaina Abilities

Zaina abilities are focus on healing whole team health strength, and supporting herself.

Bacta Bomb (Core)

This ability allows Zaina to thow a bacta bomb at your feet and release a burst of healing bacta.

Zaina Ability: Bacta Bomb | Star Wars: Hunters

You can also change the core of Bacta Bomb ability to Refuge or Sustained:

Changing from Core to Refuge: Allows you to create a cloud which heals over time but only heal targets inside the clod.

Changing from Core to Sustained: Allows Allies in range gain health over time but the healing is not immediate.

Dodge Roll (Core)

This ability allows Zaina to roll in the direction you're looking to quickly dodge incoing attacks.

Zaina Ability: Dodge Roll | Star Wars: Hunters

You can also change the core of Dodge Roll ability to Double or Tactical:

Changing from Core to Double: Allows you to use the ability two times but you have longer cooldown.

Changing from Core to Tactical: Allows you to deals more damage after first rolling but you are vulnerability while rolling.

Sticky Bomb (Core)

This ability allows Zaina to throw a bomb which sticks to enemies or objects, then explodes.

Zaina Ability: Sticky Bomb | Star Wars: Hunters

You can also change the core of Sticky Bomb ability to Heavy or Concussion:

Changing from Core to Heavy: Create a bigger explosion area but the bomb can't stick to enemies and the fuse is longer.

Changing from Core to Concussion: Make enemies disoriented and obscuring their vision but deal less damage.

Zaina Loadout

Find the best Zaina loadout in Star Wars: Hunters to use base on your playstyles and Game mode here.

Zaina Control Loadout

When playing Control as Zaina we recommend you use these skills loadout:

  • Bacta Bomb (Core).
  • Dodge Roll (Core).
  • Sticky Bomb (Heavy).

Bacta Bomb and Dodge Roll we can use core since it benefit us the most and we don't need any downside with these abilities.

We use Sticky Bomb (Heavy) to create a bigger explosion so we can create more chaos to the enemies.

Zaina Escort Loadout

When playing Escort as Zaina we recommend you use these skills loadout:

  • Bacta Bomb (Refuge).
  • Dodge Roll (Core).
  • Sticky Bomb (Heavy).

We use Bacta Bomb (Refuge) instead of core to create a heal zone and instead of instant healing it heals over time which is really good when escorting objective.

We use Sticky Bomb (Heavy) to create more chaos during team fight and also to get that bigger explosion radius.

Zaina Huttball Loadout

When playing Hutball as Zaina we recommend you use these skills loadout:

  • Bacta Bomb (Refuge).
  • Dodge Roll (Double).
  • Sticky Bomb (Heavy).

We use Bacta Bomb (Refuge) to create a heal zone and gain the team health over time instead of healing instantly.

We use Dodge Roll (Double) to gain two uses of roll instead of one so you can execute plays much easier.

We use Sticky Bomb (Heavy) to create chaos and create those bigger explosion radius on the field.

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