Utooni Weapon, Abilities, & Loadout

Utooni is a playable character in Star Wars: Hunters. Find Utooni weapon, abilities, and loadout in-depth detail here.

Utooni Overview

Star Wars: Hunters Utooni character - zilliongamer

Utooni is in damage class that specialize as crowd controller and disabler with caster and blaster weapon. The Jawa Scavengers (Utooni) is a difficult characters to master but it is strong character that most team need.

Utooni Weapon

Utooni use Arc Caster and Pulse Blaster as weapon. Pulse Blaser is for outputting long range damage and Arc caster is for close range damage output.

Star Wars: Hunters Utooni Weapon: Arc Caster / Pulse Blaster

The Pulse Blaster is a range weapon fire 3 pulses per shot dealing 11 damage each which took about 14 to 15 shots to eliminate an enemy.

The Arc Caster is a close range weapon that you can switch to, dealing 9 damage, and all it need is the enemy to stay in range.

Utooni Passive

Utooni Passive: Surprise | Star Wars: HuntersSurprise!Drop a Sonic Grenade when you're eliminate.

This Utooni passive procs when you got killed, if the enemy you are fighting with is at low health when you dead there is a high chance that they also die by stepping on the sonic grenade.

Utooni Ultimate

Utooni Ultimate: Scrap Cannon | Star Wars: HuntersScrap CannonAssemble and pilot the scrap Cannon, unleashing a highly damaging beam for a short time.

The ultimate suddenly turn Utooni into a moveable cart fire laser beam nonstop dealing up to 13 damage and trust me when I say this, it kill enemy quick.

Utooni Abilities

Utooni abilities are focus on controlling the enemy positioning and disabled them either their main damage dealer, their tank, or all of them in one.


This ability allows Utooni to switch between Pulse Blaster and Arc Caster.

Utooni Ability: Switcheroo | Star Wars: Hunters

You can also change the core of Switcheroo to Scurry or Overcharge:

Changing from Core to Scurry: Make you move faster after switching but it takes longer to switch weapon.

Changing from Core to Overcharge: Boost your Arc caster damage after switching but ability has longer cooldown and you will move slower while switching.

Hands Off

This ability allows Utooni to knock back and damage enemies in a cone in front of you and also knock you back.

Utooni Ability: Hands Off | Star Wars: Hunters

You can also change the Core of Hands off to Stagger or Focused:

Changing from Core to Stagger: Allows you to slow the enemies but you will deal less damage.

Changing from Core to Focused: Stun enemies instead of knocking them back but there's a smaller explosion area, and cooldown is increased with less damage output.


This ability allows Utooni to throw an Imploder which damages enemies and pulls them towards it for a short time.

Utooni Ability: Imploder | Star Wars: Hunters

You can also change the Core of Imploder to Sapping or Persistent:

Changing from Core to Sapping: Make affected enemies more vulnerable to damage but the area of effect is smaller.

Changing from Core to Persistent: Make the implosion effect lasts longer but the grenade has a longer fuse.

Utooni Loadout

Find the best Utooni loadout in Star Wars: Hunters to use base on your playstyles and Game mode here.

Utooni Control Loadout

When playing Control as Utooni we recommend you to use these skill loadout:

  • Switcheroo (Core).
  • Hands Off (Core).
  • Imploder (Sapping).

Switcheroo (Core) and Hands off (Core) is already a powerful abilities so we recommend you to stick to it.

We use Imploder (Sapping) to give an advantage edge for our team so that they can deal more damage when we land this ability.

Utooni Escort Loadout

When playing as Escort we recommend you to use these skill loadout:

  • Switcheroo (Core).
  • Hands Off (Focused).
  • Imploder (Sapping).

We use Hands Off (Focused) to disabled a certain enemy mostly opponent front line damage dealer.

We use Imploder (Sapping) to make the enemy take more damage by our damage dealer when we land this ability.

Utooni Imploder Loadout

When playing as Utooni we recommend you to use these skill loadout:

  • Switcheroo (Scurry).
  • Hands Off (Stagger).
  • Imploder (Core).

We use Switcheroo (Scurry) to get that extra movement speed after finish switching weapon, this small boost can help you execute plays.

We use Hands Off (Stagger) to slow enemy with this ability so we can disable them from making plays.

We use Imploder (Core) since it already a good ability to disable 1 or multiple enemies when we hit them with this ability.

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