Slingshot Weapon, Abilities, & Loadout

Slingshot is a playable character in Star Wars: Hunters. Find Slingshot weapon, abilities, and loadout in-depth detail here.

Slingshot Overview

Star Wars: Hunters Slingshot character - zilliongamer

Slingshot is in tank class that specialize as Cover provider / Disabler with cannons as weapon. This Droideka Speedster is a very good playmaker that create space for the team, although it take time to get used to his abilities mechanic to master the character.

Slingshot Weapon

Slingshot use Twin Blaster Cannons as a weapon, a medium range machine gun that deal good damage.

Star Wars: Hunters Slingshot Weapon: Twin Blaster Cannons

The Twin Blaster Cannons is a mid range weapon that has moderate fire rate dealing 8 damage to the body and 16 damage to the head. However, Slingshot utilize more of his abilities rather than focus on his weapon.

Slingshot Passive

Slingshot Passive: Rollout | Star Wars: HuntersRolloutRoll around the arena at high speed, although you cannon fire while rolling.

Slingshot passive procs and turn you into basically a tire that knock people around when you hit them, remember that you can still taking damage when this passive is activate.

Slingshot Ultimate

Slingshot Ultimate: Rocket Stomp | Star Wars: HuntersRocket StompRepeatedly jump up and slam down, damaging and slowing enemies around you as you hit the ground.

When activate ultimate Slingshot bounce around 3 times dealing high damage to enemies that are in his area of effects (AOE). You can move around during your ultimate as well.

Slingshot Abilities

Slingshot abilities are focus on tanking damage, disabled enemies, and dealing close range damage.

Unstable Shield (Core)

This ability surround you with a shield which explodes when broken, damaging nearby enemies.

Slingshot Ability: Unstable Shield | Star Wars: Hunters

This ability is good for protecting teammates close to you and dealing damage enemies close to you.

You can also change the core of Unstable Shield to Empower or Stumble:

Changing from Core to Empower: Allows you to fire faster while shield is active but the shield disappear after a time.

Changing from Core to Stumble: Make enemies affected by the explosion slowed but the explosion deal less damage.

Trickshot (Core)

This ability launches you forward and knock enemies aside, you can also hold to charge up a greater range and damage.

Slingshot Ability: Trickshot | Star Wars: Hunters

This ability is very good to use for chasing down enemies or escaping from one, it is a very useful ability especially in Huttball.

Changing from Core to Dynamo: To gain a short boost to Unstable Shield after use, but the launch deal no damage.

Changing from Core to Reckless: To stun enemies that you hit, but reduces range and you will also be stunned at the end.


Scatterboom sweep the ground in front of you with a hail of micro-rockets.

Slingshot Ability: Scatterboom | Star Wars: Hunters

Activate this ability to deal close range damage with 3 small rockets that can hit multiple enemies in 1 strike.

Changing from Core to Kinetic: To launched and slowed affected enemies.

Changing from Core to High Yield: To gain more damage per rocket but fire with fewer rockets.

Slingshot Loadout

Find the best Slingshot loadout in Star Wars: Hunters to use base on your playstyles and Game mode here.

Slingshot Control Loadout

When playing Control as Slingshot we recommend you to use these skills loadout:

  • Unstable Shield (Empower).
  • Trickshot (Core).
  • Scatterboom (Core).

We use Unstable Shield (Empower) to get that faster fire rate so you can deal more damage while still tanking incoming damage from the enemies.

We stick to Trickshot (Core) and Scatterboom (Core) since these are abilities that design for Control game mode.

Slingshot Escort Loadout

When playing Escort as Slingshot we recommend you to use these skills loadout:

  • Unstable Shield (Empower).
  • Trickshot (Core).
  • Scatterboom (Core).

The same to Control mode we recommend you to stick with the same loadout since it has the highest potential of winning the match.

Slingshot Huttball Loadout

When playing Huttball as Slingshot we recommend you to use these skills loadout:

  • Unstable Shied (Stumble).
  • Trickshot (Core).
  • Scatterboom (Kinetic).

We use Unstable Shield (Stumble) to slowed enemies with our shield explosion disable them from making plays.

We use Scatterboom (Kinetic) to disabled main player from scoring goal by getting close to them with trickshot and activate the scatterboom.

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