Rieve Weapon, Abilities, & Loadout

Rieve is a playable character in Star Wars: Hunters. Find Rieve weapon, abilities, and loadout in-depth detail here.

Rieve Overview

Star Wars: Hunters Rieve character - zilliongamer

Rieve is in damage class that specialize as melee damage dealer with Lightsaber. This character deal very high damage with combos abilities that requires precise timing and fully understanding of each skill to master.

Rieve Weapon

Rieve use Red Lightsaber as weapon, an iconic energy sword in Star Wars franchise that output very high damage.

Star Wars: Hunters Rieve Weapon: Lightsaber - zilliongamer

The Red Lightsaber is a melee weapon that deal 40 damage per hit which require a total of 5 normal attack to eliminate an enemy. Combo normal attack with Rieve abilities to kill enemy even faster.

Rieve Passive

Rieve Passive: Wild Defence | Star Wars: HuntersWild DefenceReflexively deflect blaster fire, sending the bolt away to a random direction.

The passive will procs when you get shot at and there will be a bar in the middle of the screen showing how many bullets you can block before taking damage.

Rieve Ultimate

Rieve Ultimate: Crushing Will | Star Wars: HuntersCrushing WillUse the power of the Force to stun enemies around you, puling them towards you and dealing damage.

The ultimate is very powerful when you're in combat with multiple enemies at the same time, disabled them with your ult and deal as much damage as you can.

Rieve Abilities

Rieve abilities are focus on winning 1v1 duel fight, improve mobility to chase or retreat from fight, and securing kills.

Ruthless Pursuit (Core)

Ruthless Pursuit allows you to dash forward and make a wide highly damaging slash at the end.

Rieve Ability: Ruthless Pursuit | Star Wars: Hunters

Activate Ruthless pursuit when you want to chase low health enemy or quickly retreat from losing combat.

You can also change the core of Ruthless Pursuit ability to Hinder or Spree:

Changing from Core to Hinder: Allows you to slow down enemies when hit but reduces slash damage.

Changing from Core to Spree: When you eliminate an enemy with this ability, it resets the cooldown but if you fail to secure the kill the general cooldown of the skill is longer.

Vicious Leap (Core)

Vicious Leap allows you to leap forwards or towards dealing damage where you land.

Rieve Ability: Vicious Leap | Star Wars: Hunters

Activate Vicious Leap to jump into a combat or jump out of combat, use it for aggressive plays to deal more damage.

You can also change the core of Vicious Leap ability to Slam and Harrier:

Changing from Core to Slam: Allows you to launched enemies that affected when you land but the ranged is shorter.

Changing from Core to Harrier: Increase your damage but you can only target enemies and not able to freely jump everywhere. 

Lightsaber Throw (Core)

Rieve throws her Lightsaber forward and pull it back using the Force, damaging any enemy it hits.

Rieve Ability: Lightsaber Throw | Star Wars: Hunters

Activate Lightsaber Throw to deal damage to multiple enemies at a long range when you can't reached.

Changing from Core to Called: To deal more damage to the first enemy that the Lightsaber hit by sacrificing AOE (area of effect) targets.

Changing from Core to Transfix: To applies a small stun to enemies when you hit them with Lightsaber although your ability cooldown will be longer.

Rieve Loadout

Find the best Rieve loadout in Star Wars: Hunters to use base on your playstyles and Game mode here.

Rieve Control Loadout

When playing Control as Rieve we recommend you to use these skills in your loadout:

  • Ruthless Pursuit (Spree).
  • Vicious Leap (Harrier).
  • Lightsaber Throw (Called).

Playing in Control as Rieve you need to focus on 1v1 and Lightsaber throw (Called) is a good skill mainly focus on single target.

The same to Lightsaber throw (Called), We use Vicious Leap (Harrier) to get the extra damage on a single target that you aim.

We use Ruthless Pursuit (Spree) for securing kills of low health enemies and quickly reset back the skill for more elimination point.

Rieve Escort Loadout

When using Rieve in Escort game mode we recommend you to use these skills in your loadout:

  • Ruthless Pursuit (Spree).
  • Vicious Leap (Slam).
  • Lightsaber Throw (Core).

We recommend to keep using Ruthless Pursuit (Spree) since it is a very good skill for securing low health enemies kills especially in Escort.

For Vicious Leap we use (Slam) to disabled when enemies are standing in group so you can launched them up.

We use Lightsaber Throw (Core) because It deal good AOE damage and it is very good to use in Escort game mode.

Rieve Huttball Loadout

When using Rieve in Huttball game mode we recommend you to use these skills in as your loadout:

  • Ruthless Pursuit (Hinder).
  • Vicious Leap (Slam).
  • Lightsaber Throw (Transfix).

In Huttball we use Rieve as a disabler so Lightsaber Throw (Transfix) is really good since it provide a small stun when you hit enemies.

We use Vicious Leap (Slam) to launched enemies when affected your ability and disable them from executing their part.

We use Ruthless Pursuit (Hinder) to slow down enemies when they got affected with your abilities prevent them from making any plays.

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