J-3DI Weapon, Abilities, & Loadout

J-3DI is a playable character in Star Wars: Hunters. Find J-3DI weapon, abilities, and loadout in-depth detail here.

J-3DI Overview

Star Wars: Hunters J-3DI character - zilliongamer

J-3DI is in damage class that specialize melee and abilities damage dealer with Lightsaber. This character has very good disabled and isolate enemies abilities that requires precise aim and well-timing to execute and master.

J-3DI Weapon

J-3DI use Blue Lightsaber as weapon, an iconic Jedi Guardian sword in Star Wars franchise that deal very high physical damage.

Star Wars; Hunters J-3DI Weapon: Lightsaber - zilliongamer

The Blue Lightsaber is an elegant and high damage melee weapon that deal 45 damage per hit require a total of 4 normal attack to eliminate an enemy. Combo normal attack with J-3DI abilities to eliminate enemy quicker.

J-3DI Passive

J-3DI Passive: Spare Parts | Star Wars: HuntersSpare PartsAs you take damage you shed spare parts which you can pick up to heal yourself.

J-3DI passive is a useful ability to increase your strength in combat and sustain your survivability when you on low health.

J-3DI Ultimate

J-3DI Ultimate: Whirlwind | Star Wars: HuntersWhirlwindHold your lightsaber out and spin from the waist, damaging all enemies around you.

When activate J-3DI ultimate, you are able to deal damage to multiple enemies that are inside your spinning range dealing massive damage, really good for multiple elimination attempts.

J-3DI Abilities

J-3DI abilities are focus on output damage in 1v1 scenario or disabling enemy team main target from executing plays.

Faux Pull (Core)

Faux Pull allows you to fire out your fist to pull an enemy towards you, stunning them as you grab them.

J-3DI Ability: Faux Pull | Star Wars: Hunters

Activate Faux Pull to disable enemy main damage dealer by isolating them from their team with your hook.

You can also change the core of Faux Pull to Rattled and Falter:

Changing from Core to Rattled: Allows you to spawn two spare parts on use but the skill cooldown is longer.

Changing from Core to Falter: Allows you to slow enemies after they are pulled but the range got reduced.

Deflecting Stance (Core)

Deflecting Stance allows J-3DI to block melee hits and deflect blaster fire back towards the attacker with his Lightsaber.

J-3DI Ability: Deflecting Stance | Star Wars: Hunters

Activate Deflecting Stance turn you into a defensive state that block incoming damage both a period of time (you won't able able to attack enemy while activating this skill).

You can also change the core of Deflecting Stance to Precision or Retaliate:

Changing from Core to Precision: Increase Deflected bolts damage but the blocking duration is shorter.

Changing from Core to Retaliate: Block bolts to add extra damage to your next melee attack, but bolts are not deflected.

Overhead Strike (Core)

Overhead Strike allows J-3DI to life lightsaber above head and bring it down in a powerful two handed strike

.J-3DI Ability: Overhead Strike | Star Wars: Hunters

Activate Overhead Strike allows you to deal 2x more damage then normal attack, a very good ability to use to kill secure low health enemies.

You can also change the core of Overhead Strike to Agile or Opener:

Changing from Core to Agile: Allows J-3DI to move at full speed while charging the strike but the cooldown is longer.

Changing from Core to Opener: Allows J-3DI to Deal a percentage of enemies' current health as damage although the ability deal less damage to enemies with lower current health.

J-3DI Loadout

Find the best J-3DI loadout in Star Wars: Hunters to use base on your playstyles and Game mode here.

J-3DI Control Loadout

When playing Control as J-3DI we recommend you to equip these skills in your loadout:

  • Faux Pull (Rattled).
  • Deflecting Stance (Retaliate).
  • Overhead Strike (Opener).

Use this loadout on J-3DI maximize the damage output through the roof and make 1v1 fight much easier to win.

We use Faux Pull (Rattled) to regen our health when hooking an enemy so we have better chance to secure the fight.

We use Deflecting Stance (Retaliate) to get that extra damage after you finish blocking the enemies attack.

Lastly we use Overhead Strike (Opener) to make kill secure much easier or even better, starting a fight with more advantage.

J-3DI Escort Loadout

When playing Escort game mode as J-3DI we recommend you to equip these skills in your loadout:

  • Faux Pull (Core).
  • Deflecting Stance (Precision).
  • Overhead Strike (Agile).

In Escort mode we recommend you to play more as a disabler instead of damage dealer with Faux Pull (Core) you can pull enemies quicker and let your team finish them with you.

We use Deflecting Stance (Precision) to deflects higher long range damage dealer so that our main damage dealer can eliminate them faster.

At last we use Overhead Strike (Agile) to move around the map easier when charging the strike, this can help you execute a better plays around the map without the enemies catching you.

J-3DI Huttball Loadout

When playing Huttball game mode as J-3DI we recommend you to use these skills in your loadout:

  • Faux Pull (Falter).
  • Deflecting Stance (Precision).
  • Overhead Strike (Agile).

We use Faux Pull (Falter) to slow down enemies when connected with our ability this allows you to disable them from scoring and such.

We use Deflecting Stance (Precision) to deal with long range damage initiator instead of going for them directly.

We use Overhead Strike (Agile) to get that better movement speed after eliminating an enemy, this make you move around the map faster.

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