Imara Vex Weapon, Abilities, & Loadout

Imarex Vex is a playable character in Star Wars: Hunters. Find Imara Vex weapon, abilities, and loadout in-depth detail here.

Imara Vex Overview

Star Wars: Hunters Imara Vex character - zilliongamer

Imara Vex is in damage class that specialize as a Long range damage dealer with fully automatic weapon. This character deal very good damage which require good aim to output the maximize damage.

Imara Vex Weapon

Imara Vex use Blaster Rifle as weapon, the Blaster Rifle is a fully automatic rifle which fires accurately and at long range.

Star Wars: Hunters Imara Vex Weapon: Blaster Rifle - zilliongamer

The Blaster rifle has medium rate of fire dealing 11 damage to the body and 22 damage to the head. It usually take about 12 shots to the body or 8 shots to the head to eliminate an enemy.

Imara Vex Passive

Imara Vex Passive: Enhanced Targeting | Star Wars: HuntersEnhanced TargetingIdentify low health enemies and increase your blaster damage against them.

The passive will procs when your enemy is at low health marked as Injured so that you know which enemy to prioritize.

Imara Vex Ultimate

Imara Vex Ultimate: Seeker Salvo | Star Wars: HuntersSeeker SalvoFire a continuous barrage of missiles which seek enemies you can see.

When using Imara Vex Ultimate you can't move around but still can aim 360 degree freely while shooting a high damage missiles balls killing multiple enemies.

Imara Vex Abilities

Imara Vex abilities are focus on improving mobility, scouting , and dealing extra damage to the enemies.

Grapple (Core)

This ability allows Imara Vex to grapple to high ledges at a distance. Good for chasing down the enemy or escaping from a thread.

Imara Vex Ability: Grapple | Star Wars: Hunters

You can also change the core of Grapple ability to Momentum or Evade:

Changing from Core to Momentum: Allows you to move faster after landing but the grapple distance become shorter.

Changing from Core to Evade: Allows you to gain invulnerable and unstoppable while in the air with the cost of longer cooldown.

Tracking Scan (Core)

Activate Tracking scan to reveal nearby enemies to you and your squad, allows you to see enemies through objects.

Imara Vex Ability: Tracking Scan | Star Wars: Hunters

You can also change the core of Tracking scan ability to Renew or Rush:

Changing from Core to Renew: Damaging revealed enemies resets the duration, but it shorter the duration and scan range.

Changing from Core to Rush: boost your speed for a brief but become slows after boost with shorter scan duration.

Missile Launcher (Core)

Activating this ability to launch a high damage, explosive micro-missile that tracks enemies providing high accuracy guaranteed hit.

Imara Vex Ability: Missile Launcher | Star Wars: Hunters

You can also change the core of Missile Launcher to Lock-On or Barrage:

Changing from Core to Lock-On: Hold the button for better tracking on micro missiles but deal less damage.

Changing from Core to Barrage: Store up to three missiles uses but each micro-missile deal less damage with no tracking.

Imara Vex Loadout

Find the best Imara Vex loadout in Star Wars: Hunters to use base on your playstyles and Game mode here.

Imara Vex Control Loadout

When playing Control as Imara Vex we recommend you use these skills loadout:

  • Grapple (Core).
  • Tracking Scan (Core).
  • Missile Launcher (Barrage).

Grapple and Tracking scan we use core since it benefit us the most and we don't need any downside,.

We use Missile Launcher (Barrage) so that we can have more missiles to spam even though we lose the tracking function we can still aim to hit an enemy.

Imara Vex Escort Loadout

When playing Escort as Imara Vex we recommend you use these skills loadout:

  • Grapple (Evade).
  • Tracking Scan (Renew).
  • Missile Launcher (Core).

We use Grapple (Evade) so we can gain more strength and invulnerable during team fight when we retreating from the gunfight.

We use Tracking Scan (Renew) to reduces our scanning time so we know more of where our enemies at most of the time.

Imara Vex Huttball Loadout

Here is Imara Vex Huttball loadout skills that we build for you:

  • Grapple (Momentum).
  • Tracking Scan (Rush).
  • Missile Launcher (Lock-On).

Switching to Grapple (Momentum) to gain extra movement speed when landing from a grapple.

Using Tracking Scan (Rush) to also gain a brief speed boost when using the Scan ability.

Use Missile Launcher (Lock-On) is very important in this mode, you can take down the enemies almost 90% of the time.

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