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Shadowgun Legends Walkthrough & Guides

Walkthrough & Guides | Shadowgun Legends - zilliongamer

Walkthrough - Shadowgun Legends

First Person Shooter (FPS) Experience

FPS Shooter | Shadowgun Legends - zilliongamer

Shadowgun Legends provide the FPS (First Person Shooter) Experience so all players can experience the best graphic and the smoothest game play. Also FPS in Shadowgun Legends can help improve players aiming skills and shooting skills as well as to feel the realistic enviroment when facing an opponents after opponents. 

RPG Elements and Customization

RPG Elements and Customization | Shadowgun Legends - zilliongamer

In Shadowgun Legends there are a tons of weapons and Legendar weapons also good customization (skins) for each weapons as well. Unlock or accquired weapons by completing quest or missions.

Story Campaign

Story Campaign | Shadowgun Legends - zilliongamer

Shadowgun Legends provide the best Story Campaign of all times for player to play and walk through every story one by one. With the great Story Campaign player also take advantage out of it and try to improve their aim and shooting skill by shooting the enemies in the campaign. Doing Story Campaign also addicted because of the game play flow is really good and meet the best requirement of enviroment that make player feels like they are inside it.

CO-OP Missions

CO-OP Battles with friends | Shadowgun Legends - zilliongamer

Shadowgun Legends also offer the best out of the best game mode for players call CO-OP Missions this mode allow player to play with their friends and enjoy shooting and completing the missions. CO-OP Missions also allow weak player to team up with better player and help completing the missions when solo is impossible to complete. Doing CO-OP is super fun especially with friends. 

Boss Fight

Boss FIght | Shadowgun Legends - zilliongamer

Boss Fight is the best mode for Shadowgun Legends because this is where teamwork take the most and also where the weapons and your shooting aiming and shooting skills prove. After completing this mode player will obtain good items for themselve but keep in mind Boss Fight is not easy your aim, your weapons, your teamwork is required almost at the top level to complete it.  

PVP Battles

Real Time PVP | Shadowgun Legends - zilliongamer

Shadowgun Legends also offer PVP Battles for good player who want to test their skillset after practicing from fighting boss or mission that required them to or want to test their weapons stats. PVP Battles is a really good mode after you get boring of completing Story Campaign, PVP BATTLES also put you into a test with another player which is really good to know your aim and shooting skills after a good time of practicing in Story Campaign.

Guides - Shadowgun Legends


Missions Guides | Shadowgun Legends - zilliongamer

Start from being called "Freshmeat" to "Legends" by completing each mission step by step. Earning XP from all type of mission to level up the character.Each mission provide a quest to solve and a reward after completing it. 

Understand the detail of each Missions:

Story MissionSide Quests


Weapons Guide | Shadowgun Legends - zilliongamer

Weapons are the main damage dealer in Shadowgun Legends. There are a lot of weapons each types. Getting te best weapons by completing each missions or go into trade with Willow.

Willow gunshop | Shadowgun Legends - zilliongamer

5 types of Weapons available in Shadowgun Legends are:

Auto RifleSniper RifleShotgun
Machine GunsPistolRocket Launcher

About - Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends is the ultimate presistent world shooter in the palm of your hand, a hardcore gaming experience that you can take with you anywhere.

Version: 0.7.1Updated on: Oct 26,2018
Downloads: 1M+Released on: Mar 21, 2018
Offered by: MADFINGER Games 

Download - Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends is the First ever online FPS RPG shooter with PVP, CO-OP and SOLO mode. 

Download Shadowgun Legends on Play Store App Store.