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Rebellious Million Arthur (unofficial translation) is a new story with the backdrop of the Great Britain as the stage and the legend of King Arthur will be staged in the latest 3D instant RPG "Rebel Million King Arthur"! 

Netease and Square Enix jointly produced the sequel to the "Millions of King Arthur" series - the place where adventure and legend unfolded, and he looked forward to the visit of Arthur.

A mobile MMORPG, players will gain control from 1 of 6 playable characters, with the 5 attack slots all to be filled in with skill cards obtain while exploring the new fantasy land.

Download Link Here:
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Note: Right now this game is only release in China but you can download it by change store location.

Here is a Trailer:

Game Scenes
rebellious-million-arthur rebellious-million-arthur-1
rebellious-million-arthur-2 rebellious-million-arthur-3
rebellious-million-arthur-4 rebellious-million-arthur-6
Character Scenes
long-sword long-sword
golden-fist golden-fist
long-gun long-gun
double-gun double-gun
hammer hammer
magic-book magic-book

This game now only available on China App Store. But if you wish to play this game you have to change your App Store Location to China. If you do not know how to change you App Store location you can do like what i do:

How to Change App Store Location
1. Click on your ID
2. Click on View Apple ID
3. Click on Country/Region
4. Click on Change Country
5. Choose China
6. Click on Agree
7. Click on Agree again
8. Choose None
9. Complete this Address
After you follow this 9 step now you can use Chinese App Store and can download game on Chinese App Store.
Let's Enjoy your game.

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