Yasnaya polyana

Yasnaya polyana

Yasnaya Polyana is the biggest city in ERANGEL Islands. The city can hold more than 2 squad at the same times which mean up to 10 players can be in this city the same times and hard time seeing each other. There are a lot of structure for player to land such as police station, old house, 3 building, four houses and all other houses.

  • Special places to loots in Yasnaya Polyana

Police Station

Police Station

Police Station content a lot of floor and a lot of loots also a great vision to spot other enemies if the end circle is here. Starting looting room by room or land on the top then loot from the top to bottom if you can.



Library located behind  police station, Library loot path is the same to police station but Library is smaller than Police station and can't go into rooftop. There are a lot of angel to hold as well.



Church located in the middle of the city, Church also provide a good loots as well, you can find some good stuff on the top.

Shooting range

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  • Ferry pier

    Ferry pier

    Date : 2018-04-11 By : Ratanak
    Ferry Pier is a city located on the south east area, These city is good for solo and duo but not for squad because the item is not gonna be enough.
  • Farm


    Date : 2018-04-11 By : Ratanak
    Farm is a small area that content a good amount of supplies for player to loots.
  • Mylta power

    Mylta power

    Date : 2018-04-11 By : Ratanak
    Mylta Power located on the edge of the map. There are not that much loots spot in this area but sometimes it can turn into a hot zone because of flight path.
  • Novorepnoye


    Date : 2018-04-11 By : Ratanak
    Novorepnoye is a big city located on the south side of the map. Novorepnoye provide two methods to loots, either looting on Container or Looting in House.
  • Sosnovka military base

    Sosnovka military base

    Date : 2018-04-11 By : Ratanak
    Sosnovka Military Base is a very popular place in ERANGEL. This place content a lot of military loots for player. There are a lot of player drop here as well.
  • Hospital


    Date : 2018-04-11 By : Ratanak
    Hospital is a small area similar to school but because of the location which make it unpopular for player to drop.
  • Georgopol


    Date : 2018-04-11 By : Ratanak
    Georgopol is a very big city that divided into 3 part of city such as the container part, south part and north part.
  • Rozhok


    Date : 2018-04-11 By : Ratanak
    Rozhok is a big city located next to school only divided by 1 small mountain. Rozhok often get invaded by School player after they finish looting.
  • School


    Date : 2018-04-11 By : Ratanak
    School is the hottest zone in ERANGEL it's located in the middle of the map, Player will alway drop here to boost their k/d/a.
  • Lipovka


    Date : 2018-04-11 By : Ratanak
    Lipovka located on east side of ERANGEL. also Lipovka is at the edge of the map. Lipovka is a city with some houses.


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