Vehicle spawn

The Orange mark on the map show where all the 100% car spawn on ERANGLE.

Car Spawn

Alway secure your team or yourself a car because it can turn out really important sometimes.


There are 6 types of vehicles in PUBG MOBILE such as:

  • Motocycle


Motocycle is available for 2 player riding together, Motocycle is pretty danagerous because it can be easily targeted but you can travel faster then anything.

- 2 wheel
- Fastest
- Dangerous

  • Three wheel motocycle

Three wheel motocycle

Three wheel motocycel is availale for 3 player together, Three wheel motocycle is also very danagerous because it can be easily targeted also it's not as fast as two wheel motocycle.

- 3 wheels
- 3 seats
- Fast
- Dangerous

  • Buggy


Buggy is a two seat vehicle that can be find on side of the road or in the garages, Buggy can travel faster on a terrian, hills or sloppy ridge.

- 4 wheels
- 2 seats
- Fast
- Drive on mountain advantages.

  • Dacia


Dacia is a vehicle that can protect a lot from enemy shooting and also fast on the road but not on uphill. Dacia can carry up to 4 player.

- 4 wheels
- 4 seats
- Safe
- Fast and slow depend on road condition.

  • UAZ


UAZ is a big vehicle and can be carry up to 4 player at the same time. Driving a UAZ can be a big advantage when you have no cover.

- 4 wheels
- 4 seats
- safe
- fast and slow depend on road condition
- can be a good cover sometime.

  • Boat


Boat can be found near the shore or next to the beach area, Boat is important if the cicle move into SOSNOVKA MILITARY ISLAND. Boat is fast but becareful driving under the bridge because it can be shoot down easily.

- 4 seats
- fast on water
- dangerous

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